My Under-Two-Dollars Curtain Upgrade

As I mentioned before, I was contemplating the fabric I had bought for great room curtains (and ultimately rejected) in the guest room. I was concerned that they were too similar to the color of the walls, but then I realized that the fabric was already bought and wasn’t being used for anything else– so I might as well at least make the curtains and see what I thought of them hung. Worst case scenario is a bit of wasted time, and some place-holder curtains while I looked for something else.

First though, I needed a curtain rod! It needed to be 10 feet long, because I wanted the entire wall to be covered in curtains, and I prefer non-adjustable because the adjustable rods tend to sag. Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a 120″ curtain rod that is not adjustable and not like, $75? Hard!

Luckily though, a bit of googling led me here, which had the BEST idea ever for making a curtain rod! You can pop into Lowes (or any hardware store and buy a piece of electrical conduit. The best part is, they are sold in lengths of 10 feet. Which meant I didn’t even have to mess around with cutting it!

I popped into Lowes yesterday and sure enough, they had plenty of electrical conduit. I picked up one piece of the 1/2″ stuff, which ran me… wait for it…. $1.70. And that’s it. That is all I bought for this project. I used some left over silver spray paint I had to do two thin coats on the conduit because it had various writing and marks on it. I also had left over from moves past a bag full of brackets for curtain rods, and one set fit the 1/2 conduit perfectly. I spray painted them silver as well (they had been bronze). I’m pretty sure that you can buy these separately at Lowes if you don’t happen to have any, or you could head to a thrift store and see if you could find some there.

As for the curtains, all I did for right now was fold over the top to make a pocket that is 4″ from top to bottom, and sew. I plan to go back later and finish the sides and bottom, but my parents are bringing me a surger (hand-me-down from my grandma) next weekend, which will make the job a lot easier so I’m going to wait on that. You’ll just have to excuse the rough edges here, but I think you certainly get the idea.

Ready for the reveal? Let’s do stages.

The room before:

The room with painted furniture and new bedding:

And now:

and just because I never show you the room from this angle (excuse the light! the room is kind of dim with just the one overhead):

You may have noticed at well that for now, I just threw a white blanket over the chaise. It is far from a permanent solution, but I feel like it looks better than the startling bit of red off in the nook. I plan to make a slip cover relatively soon, but just haven’t gotten to it yet.

Also on the agenda still, artwork for the walls, better/more knickknack decorations on the tables and dresser (lamps? flowers? I dunno), and hanging the chandelier I ordered, which is still on back-order until June.

I can’t tell you how happy this room makes me though. It still has a long ways to go, but it is definitely starting to feel much more cozy. Before it was just a depressingly empty and bare space. At least now it looks like somewhere you’d like to spend a night!

I think I’m most excited right now for my mom to see the room. She knew that I was painting furniture but I didn’t tell her about the new bedding or curtains. My parents are coming down this weekend for Easter (and to work on our backsplash, SO excited!). I think she’ll be really surprised to see what a change there has been since the last time they stayed with us!

And best of all, this latest upgrade cost, as I said, under $2! It just doesn’t get better than that.


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