Because sometimes you just have to bitch.

I don’t really feel like whining to anyone in my real life right now because they’ve all got their own stuff going on, and yet I’m in one of those moods where I am feeling angry at the world and think perhaps a good concise rant will make me feel a bit better.


Here are the things pissing me off right now:

1) Milo is sick. Again. Same as before, he is in the same perilous condition as he was last time, and we are worried sick about him.

2) I waited a day to take him in. The vet didn’t have any appointments unless it was an EMERGENCY and I wanted someone to come in after hours, and it didn’t SEEM like an emergency. Now I feel guilty for not taking him in earlier.

3) Work. I can’t elaborate. But… work.

4) An undisclosed and not serious and yet VERY ANNOYING medical issue that has been plaguing me for the last month.

5) I woke up today with a zit the size of a basketball on my chin. The kind that glows in the dark and makes it hurt to talk. Hott.

6) My brother. I don’t really bitch about my family on this blog so I guess I ought not start now… but let’s just say his general guy-ness when it comes to planning/thinking of others plans sometimes leads me to want to punch him in the nose.


And really, it’s just #1. I know that all the rest wouldn’t much bother me if I wasn’t obsessing about Milo and staring at him every half hour to make sure he’s breathing and willing him to just eat something. But sometimes when you’re upset about one thing and you can’t DO anything about it, everything else piles on and suddenly each little thing seems big and the whole mess leaves me wanting to go to bed for about a month and not talk to anyone.

So, that’s where I’m at today. Sorry world for the whining. I’ll try not to make a habit of it.

(Milo. Being his normal silly self a few months ago. I can’t wait to see him be silly again.)


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