Backsplash is DONE!

First, a quick update on Milo: He came home! We were able to get him Saturday morning and he’s been home with us since. He isn’t quite out of the woods yet, but he certainly seems to be improving, so yay for that!!

Also this weekend, my parents came into town to help out with installing our backsplash. I’m not going to do a how-to post because my hands were too dirty for photos for most of the weekend, and anyways there are a thousand tutorials online (I suggest YHL’s posts, which you can find here).

Here is the kitchen before.

And a few progress photos… Taping up the sheets to plan out our cuts around the outlets.

Spreading Thinset on the walls, and then sticking the sheets up.

Done, but without grout

Grouted, before washing the tiles (is there anything more scary than spreading a cement-like substance over your shiny new tiles?

And done!

I love it!! I love how the tiles seem to change color depending on the time of day. I thought they would read somewhere between clear and sea glass green, but they are actually looking more gray/blue which is a happy accident! I think perhaps they reflect the color off the wall behind them, but regardless, I am loving them. They fit in so well with the rest of the colors in the house and make the kitchen look so much more finished and custom.

This project definitely falls into the “worth the hassle” category. I know that everyone’s situation will be different based on how much space you have to cover, how much experience you have, and what kind of tiles you pick, but this was really not a bad project at all. We spent about 1 hour prepping on Friday (getting everything laid out, outlet covers removed, counters covered), and 5 hours actually installing the tile (including doing all the cutting, which took a long time because we had 6 outlets). It took us about 3 hours on Saturday to grout and wash the tile.

And the total cost for the project? $307. That accounts for 21 sheets of tile, 1 box of grout, and 1 roll of blue painters tape.

Granted, this would’ve cost a bit more if I’d had to buy all the tools (we used 2 buckets, a thin set trowel, a grout trowel, a sponge, and a tile cutter). But I think even those are relatively inexpensive or can be rented. I think even if we’d had to pay for all of that, it still would’ve been very worth it.

Speaking of which, let’s see that before/after one more time…

Yay! (how many times is too many to say “yay” in a post?).

Anyone else do any fun Easter weekend projects?


4 thoughts on “Backsplash is DONE!

  1. The backsplash looks so great! I really love the tiles you ended up using.

    And so glad to hear that Milo is doing better!

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