On working from home… wardrobe ed.

Since my law office is so small, I work at home about 95% of the time. Which rocks for a lot of reasons.

But it also means I don’t often have a reason to put on pants. Literally. I go days without seeing anyone but my husband– so yoga pants and a t-shirt are kind of my jam (to my credit, I at least buy cute colorful and fitted v-neck tees, rather than wearing shapeless oversized free logo tshirts).

And then there are days like today, when I had to go into my office for a quick meeting with my boss.

And B gets home and…

B: Wow, you look nice today!
Me: aw, thanks hun!
B: You look all like… professional.
Me: … I’m wearing jeans and a tshirt? (albeit with some lace detail at the neck, but a cotton tee nonetheless)
B: Still, its more dressed up than you’ve been in a while on a weekday! You look nice.
Me: Thanks… I… think…?

On the plus side— my husband has now been conditioned to be impressed by jeans and a detailed cotton t-shirt. Low standards do work to my benefit here considering my general lack of interest in dressing up most of the time.

On the minus side— It’s apparently been a while since I’ve worn clothes on a week day that are about equivalent to my everyday high school wardrobe.

I need to think on this a bit more….


2 thoughts on “On working from home… wardrobe ed.

  1. I was so good about dressing up everyday at first when I started working from home! But it’s so much effort to have to iron and do the extra laundry when only my cats and husband will ever see what I’m wearing. Lately, I’ve been lucky if I’ve put on a bra until after quitting time, when I actually leave the house!

    It’s a nice thought to recondition husbands to expect less though. Like, maybe if you put on a skirt one day, he’d be so wowed that he would cook dinner or do the dishes or something, to show how impressed he is!

  2. hah I remember! I was so impressed by your not just dressing, but dressing UP every day for work when you were at home! I pretty much started out this way 🙂 Although I think I’ve actually gotten a little better. At first I literally wore PJs every day. Then I realized if this is what I’m going to be wearing I should at least get slightly cuter clothes and switched to yoga pants and fitted t’s.

    Also, if I wore a skirt for no reason I think my husband would be astounded! lol. I know you wear them all the time but I almost never do, so if we’re not going to a wedding or something and I wore a skirt? I think he’d be shocked.

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