I’m still in trial but something has been nagging at my mind today.

It’s this whole thing with the secret service and all the corruption/prostitutes/cover-ups/etc. Also last night’s Daily Show which mentioned again Anthony Weiner, John Edwards, and various other male politicians who’ve been caught with their pants down (literally or figuratively, as the case may be).

And the thing is… people seem… surprised? I guess? At the secret service thing. And I’m really not, at all. Because we hear it all. the. time. It’s more surprising to me when someone in politics isn’t dicking around than when they are. And the same goes for athletes. And let’s not get started on musicians.

But it begs the question… why? Why are so many men so morally bankrupt? There seems to be several alternative answers:

A) Becoming famous and/or powerful makes men feel either entitled or invincible or untouchable in such a way that they no longer feel tied to normal societal mores about faithfulness to one’s spouse and generally not being a total dickhead.

B) Men inclined to be total dickheads, who perhaps have no real morals to speak of in the first place, are drawn to positions of power and fame, and thus those who end up there are disproportionately those who do those sorts of things.

C) Most men are total dickheads and do or would cheat if they could get away with it– but they either don’t have the ability to do so OR are better able to get away with it since they are not in the public eye.

I’m a bit skeptical of C. I do know men who have cheated, I know that it happens. But in my personal life from what I know of my friends, family, etc, it seems to me that most guys are generally good and that the asshats are the except, not the rule. Although perhaps I am naive and they are simply better at getting away with it. But my money is on A or B, or a combination thereof.


And do we think it will ever be different? Sadly, I don’t. It seems like men have been doing this sort of thing for centuries and there is no real reason to think it will stop any time soon. (Which kind of makes it amazing to me that the gender so completely ruled by a non-thinking part of their anatomy has risen up to essentially control society… you would think women, who I would argue are undeniably more rational as a group, would’ve used this to our advantage over the years to seize power. Although perhaps if women ruled the world we would be just as bad? Food for thought).


One thought on “Men.

  1. I have a few thoughts on this. First, I feel like a lot more “normal” men cheat than you think (but perhaps fewer than I think…). I do think there is something biological that makes it harder for men to be with just one woman. I don’t think this is an excuse for them cheating, but I do think they have to “work harder” to be monogamous. With respec to politicians, etc., I do think it is some combination of opportunity (traveling a lot away from their families, means to purchase “services” if they want) and the fact that it is more and more culturally acceptable in their social circles. Same for athletes. For the best of the best muscians, I think it is slightly different. I think they get a huge rush from being on top of the world during their shows, etc., and then they have a need to feel that in other ways when they aren’t touring and having shows every night by doing drugs and women. It is almost like regular life (often with little to fill their time when they aren’t touring or working on an album) is too mundane for them. Anyhow… just my thoughts. 🙂

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