Team Gale

I’ve had a bit too much real life thrown at me this week so I feel like talking about something utterly frivolous.

And I’ll warn you up front– SPOILER ALERT FOR HUNGER GAMES TRILOGY!!!! If you haven’t read all three books, don’t read further!

Overall, I loved this series. I tend to like girl-kicking-ass type books and I also seem to have an affinity for post-apocolyptic or somewhat dark books. So it was a good fit. The one thing that annoyed me throughout though was the Katniss-Gale-Peeta love triangle.

I don’t like love triangles. And I don’t think they’re necessary. It feels like every story has to have one now (or maybe every story always did?). I think one of the reasons I loved the Harry Potter series so much was because they never did the obvious Harry-Hermione-Ron triangle that a lesser author (I think) would’ve capitalized on.

But that being said, since it WAS a part of the book, I couldn’t help but have an opinion. And I have to say I’ve been pretty surprised since the movie came out at all the “Team Peeta” stuff I kept seeing, and continue to see– particularly on pinterest. I don’t think I’ve seen a single person advocating for Gale!

I’m here to remedy that.

I am totally team Gale. I wish they would have ended up together. I think Peeta was a mistake. There, I said it.


Peeta is a super nice guy. He loves Katniss, he is open with his feelings for her, he is well-spoken, he’s sweet. Plus, he’s the easy choice– the one that keeps her and her family safe.

Gale is quieter. He’s more closed off about his feelings. Whatever he and Katniss had remained mostly unspoken and he didn’t fight for her, not really.

So I get that Peeta is who she should love. But the thing is, I don’t think she DID love him. If she loved him, Gale never would’ve entered the equation. Peeta has everything going for him to make him the obvious choice and yet she is still torn. If she can still contemplate being with Gale despite everything that happened with Peeta, I think that is who she really loves.

So yea. That’s my view– I wish that her and Gale could’ve made it work. I wish Peeta had found some other girl to love. And I might be alone in that opinion, but– it had to be said. Anyone else team Gale? Or am I truly alone here?


2 thoughts on “Team Gale

  1. I think Gale totally got a raw deal. It kind of seemed like Katniss had to convince herself to love Peeta, which isn’t exactly an ideal situation. I had a lot of mixed feelings about this love triangle too when I read the books. Other than kind of being let down by the ending, I was like “but what about Gale?!?” He just kind of gets written off at the end. The movie at least make it more like she and Gale were just friends, which tied it up a bit cleaner.

    So yeah, I agree with you, if you were able to get that out of my ramblings!

  2. RIGHT. Like Gale just disappears. It was so weird. I just felt like she was with Peeta because that is what she had to do and then Gale disappeared– not because she really loved him (romantically, anyways).

    But yea– in the movie it was a little better because they weren’t quite so close.

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