Totally random tidbits.

Here are some random thoughts I’m having at the moment.

1) Why is Lauren Conrad still relevant? I keep seeing “LC makeup tips” or “hair tips” or whatever. Plus she has like.. a clothing line or something? Seriously– who cares about this random person who was famous for being a rich OC girl?

2) We saw The Avengers this last weekend. It was amazing! My favorite movie I’ve seen in a theater in quite a long time– and good enough I kind of want to see it again before it is out of theaters.

3) I never used to be a comic book nerd! Now that I love all the movies, I wish I’d been into comic books as a teenager (reputation be damned, I was already on the speech team and the “mathletes”so I can’t imagine it’d done any more damage than was already done…)

4) I haven’t had a pedicure since last June, or a manicure since my wedding. I’m fixing that on Saturday. SO EXCITED.

5) I have a soft spot for random internet memes. My current favorite are the condescending Wonkas. Case in point:

(And of course, the funniest ones are the ones that I myself am guilty of).

6) Milo is still doing okay. Not great (blood count was down Friday). But seems to be okay. It is stressful, but we’re just keeping a close eye on him and he seems to be acting like his normal goofy self. Check out this kitty yawn.

(sorry for the poor quality!)

7) My dad has this random saying (which he says enough that it is almost his motto). “It’s not a problem. It’s an opportunity for improvement.” We tease him about it because it’s a bit corny, but more and more I’m liking this outlook on life.

8) Upon the recommendation of some folks here, we began The Tudors over the weekend on netflix. Holy cow– great show! I want to be 16th century royalty just for the clothes and jewelry! (Who needs to breathe anyways?). But otherwise— it would suck to be a woman back then– even royalty! Also— there is so much random and unplanned sex. And they didn’t have showers then. It kinda skeeves me out and I have to try not to think too much about it.

9) Today, B sent me an email including the word “Bravo!!” regarding my packing of his lunch. It’s the little things, folks.

10) Two weeks ago, my boss took home one of the extra exhibit binders which had all of the exhibits we’d be using at trial. When he brought it back, he had used sheets of toilet paper as placeholders throughout. I was too afraid to ask exactly what he was doing while reviewing exhibits…

11) It’s been a while since I’ve posted a pic of Stew… this is my recent favorite.

Have no fear. Completely spoiling Milo has not in any way diminished my spoiling of Stew (and Cali doesn’t have it so bad either!)

12) I’m obsessed with Draw Something. The weird thing is that it connects through Facebook so you can start games with anyone on your friend list, and vice versa. I’m fb friends with one of my old law school profs. Not one I was particularly close with… I really don’t even recall why we’re friends (I think he friended me after graduation?). Anyways. He started a draw something game with me and I felt obliged to participate. But it is so stressful! I feel a lot of pressure to guess his drawings correct, and occasionally after he guesses my drawings he sends me a “Nice!!” which makes me feel like I just got graded an A. Technology is weird.

13) It is almost midnight and I’ve been avoiding bed because I’m not quite ready to face my crazy day at work tomorrow… but I think it’s time to give in and let tomorrow come. Night all!


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