A Brief WTF on Travel Costs

With all the seriousness around here lately I randomly decided to window shop some vacations. Not that we’d actually be taking one this year… but you know… it’s fun to look.

My first stop when vacation shopping is always to check out the package deals on Dreams Puerto Vallarta, which is where we got engaged. We absolutely loooooooved the hotel and the beach and… basically everything.

It’s pretty much the place I keep in my mind as my “happy place”… somewhere that was absolutely perfect and where I dream of returning.

But it seems that going back may be a bit harder than I thought because HOLY COW why has traveling gotten so much more expensive?

Our last trip was late October 2009. 6 nights (all inclusive) + flights + $200 resort credit = $1,687. Plus, we got upgraded to a balcony suite for free!

I looked for the exact same week this October 2012. 6 nights + flights (no resort credits) = $3,353.


That is fully DOUBLE the cost of 3 years ago. Double. With no resort credit, and no guarantee we’d get upgraded (so we would probably just want to book a balcony room, which brings the total up to $3,463.)


We are definitely going to make it back. Someday. But I think that day is a bit farther off than I thought it was. I hope they hold our seats for us.


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