My Husband is Awesome, Music ed.

A thing you should know about me: I kind of suck about music.

I feel like this is kind of… unusual?

Most people are passionate about music, especially people in my age bracket. It is certainly the “cool” way to be. But honestly, I’ve never been that into it.

It’s not that I don’t enjoy music. It’s just that I’m generally apathetic and lazy about it. I think part of it is that I have the world’s WORST memory for names which means I find it impossible to memorize who sings what and what it’s called.

You play me any popular song from the last 15 or so years, chances are I’ve heard it. But 99 times out of 100 I can’t tell you either the song name or the band who plays it. This is true even of very popular songs. The only bands I can identify with any sort of accuracy are The Beatles, Dave Matthews Band (my all-time fav), and Sublime. And even then, I usually can’t tell you the song name.

All of this leads to the fact that I kind of just listen to whatever is on, whatever CDs friends make for me or force me to buy, or whatever B turns on. My iPhone has had the playlists from our wedding (and only those) on it since before we got married. That should give you some indication of my level of apathy.

Anyways…. last night while I was making dinner B turned on the VH1 countdown of the 100 best songs of the 00’s. And somehow we got into it and watched all five hours and reminisced about which songs we loved and what we were doing when we first heard them, etc.

And I got this sudden burst of motivation to (finally) go through iTunes and make myself a play list or two.

And that is how I lost my weekend.

It started with technical issues. I don’t have my own iTunes, so I tried to hook my phone up to B’s but that caused problems. Two calls to apple tech support and 10 hours later (had to let it run overnight), we had gotten most of his music transferred to my iTunes on my computer. We spent the rest of the morning trying to recover the songs that stubbornly refused to transfer before finally giving up.

This left me with just under 7,000 songs on my iTunes list to go through and attempt to make playlists.

Remember how I said I have problems remembering who sings what and what it’s called?

Seven. Thousand. Songs.

This is how literally our entire evening/night went:

Me: Do I like Fabolous?
B: Yes.
Me: What songs do I like?
B: It’s My Time and Imma Do It.
Me: Okay. Do I like Fallout Boy?
B: Yes.
Me: What songs do I like?
B: Just Sugar, We’re Going Down.
Me: Do I like Fighterpilot?
B: No.
Me: Do I like Finger Eleven?
B: Yes, that whole album.
Me: Do I like Five Finger Death Punch?
B: No.
Me: Do I like the Flaming Lips?
B: No.
Me: Do I like Flo Rida?
B: Yes. Right Round.

And we’re only like 1/3 of the way through ONE letter there.

Can I just acknowledge the patience of my dear husband in:

1) Spending the time to go through 7,000 songs with me;
2) Not getting at all annoyed that I literally have no clue who I like; and
3) Actually knowing who I like and which songs of theirs I like.

Seriously, how does he even do that? Amazing.

And now, about 26 hours after this adventure began, I am finally syncing my iPhone. A fun side-effect of which is that I discovered I had 9 gb of photos on my phone. If you’re wondering, that is about 2,400 photos (clearly I’m more of a photo person than a music person!). I had to download them all to my computer to free up some space for music (comparatively, those wedding playlists took up a whole .7gb, and that was my only music).

Getting to watch 2,400 photos from the last 2 years flash by as they downloaded was SUPER fun. If you haven’t downloaded your phone photos lately, I highly recommend it. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll go through and pull a few favorites for a “best of” post with pictures from the last few years. I hope you all like pictures of my pets! haha.

And now, it is way past my bed time (woah, 12:05am lol) and I need to put myself to bed.

Anyone else have a techy-productive weekend? Anyone else as clueless about music as I am?


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