Super Duper Picture Post

I’ve written a lot of picture-free or picture-light posts lately… so let’s make up for those by posting the MOST PICTURES EVER in one blog post! Here are all my favorite iPhone photos from June 2010 when I got my phone through last week. They are just in chronological order. They are mostly of my pets. There are 41 (I’m sorry).

I love when he sits like a person!

The place I bought my wedding dress had a small prom dress/party dress section. Two of my bridesmaids (edited for privacy because they’d kill me if I posted them in these dresses online) in their “favorites.” Believe or not— these dresses were like $400 each. Woah.

Oh Hai.

Loving the costume.

Toooo close.

I dunno why him sleeping all sprawled-like cracks me up so much.

I think he was on his way to paint-ball? I dunno but this photo cracks me up. Also, check out the butt in those jeans 🙂

This is my hotel room on my first and only overnight business trip. Not as glamorous as expected. lol

My kitchen two days before my wedding. One of my wonderful bridesmaids working on our chocolate pretzel favors.

This is what my brother wrote in our guest book… sweet. haha.

Shopping at Walmart for supplies for our honeymoon the week between our wedding and Hawaii. Not sure we’ve ever had more fun in a Walmart.

Taking cover on the balcony of the St. Regis in Kauai during a rainstorm the night before the tsunami.

Top of Waimea Canyon

View from our back yard during a storm

One of my all-time favorite pictures of Stew. He looks so suspicious!

Two fav guys.

Just the sky one day on a walk with Stew.

Feeeeeeeeed me.

Turkey Leg at Yankee Peddler


Goofing around at the Zoo. B said he was trying to be a Gorilla.

Our community is really beautiful at sunset.

My parents’ sweet dog Molly. She passed away last month after 13 years of being awesome. She is sorely missed.

My brother got me a fisheye lens for my iPhone for Christmas. It has been underused…. I need to remedy that.

Over Christmas break (B and I took a week off to chill at home between the holidays), I found this to-list that B had made. It cracked me up for so many reasons. Not the least of which is that he has eating on the list. Twice. (About #6… first of all that is my first name, I go by my middle on the blog. Second of all, I have no idea what that means, but it is not as dirty as it sounds lol).


Snuggle time

I miss her shaved ‘do

Pay attention to ME.

Pretty anniversary cake

Milo and Me snuggle time

I can see you

Perfect Friday Night.

Kitty says… too close.

Snuggle, remix.

No really, pay attention to me.

Exhibit book for our last trial. My boss brought it back like this. I am scared to consider where he was reviewing this…

My outfit for B’s sister’s graduation. I loooved these shoes. They hated me. (Then I hated them).


We are snuggles masters in this house.

Welp… that’s it! Maybe next time I won’t wait two years so I don’t have to go through 2700 photos and cull them down to my favorite 40(ish)!


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