Working on my black thumb.

It’s weird, living in a community.

I grew up out in the country. Acres of land, no sidewalks, no nosy neighbors. My mom had beautiful flower beds because that was important to her– but I always hated helping out in the yard. I don’t like being hot or getting sunburned (inevitable)… just wasn’t my jam.

And I never worried about it. Until we moved here. A community. Small yards, nosy neighbors. Well intentioned, of course. But there is a certain level of peer pressure to not be that house with the crappy yard.

Our yard didn’t start out that bad. Boring, of course… but okay.

Sod was okay. Beds were okay. We even planted a few little things the first summer here. Check out this cute tiny little mum.
(dark red flower on the left)

And by the end of the summer, it looked okay.

I still didn’t love the bushes the builder had planted, or the weird purple spiky flowers…. but at least it looked respectable.

And then came last summer, our second summer here. Everything just…. exploded.

The purple spiky things spread like crazy, the bushes got huge, the mums grew to about 10 times their normal size. Plus, of course, we let our sod die. See… they had to dig up our yard to do some maintenance and they put down sod right before we left for Vegas. A week gone and…. dead sod. Awesome.

But we didn’t really do anything about it. Because… I don’t like yard work. So let’s see where that got us this year, shall we?

Ouch. Let’s take it from the top. The flower beds? Horrid. Overgrown, crazy, ugly, unkempt. Then there is the dying yellow grass. Thank you 2+ weeks without rain and 90+ degree temps (and, if I’m being honest, our laziness in not watering the lawn). And then the weeds. Which somehow are looking quite lush and lovely…. giving a wonderful polka-dotted illusion to the lawn…

Yea. It was time to do something. So, B has been working a bit on the lawn. He has started slowly digging out the bigger weeds and using weed killer on the smaller ones. And we vow to start watering any day now. Really.

But the biggest change will be the flower beds. That’s right— we’re finally going to rip them out and start over. And by “we” I mean… the landscapers we are hiring because while my embarrassment of our lawn has reached a level high enough to want to fix the problem, it is not quite high enough to want to do yard work. Just keeping it real.

We got quotes last week for putting a retaining wall around the border of the two beds, ripping out the old stuff, and putting in some boxwoods, hostas, azaleas… and probably other stuff whose names I can’t recall. The surprising part is that this is going to cost us way less than I expected. Score for happy surprises!!

I’m not sure yet when the landscapers will come. We have a vacation coming up here at the end of the month and I think I want to wait until after that because I was told we HAVE to water the beds daily for the first two weeks, and I don’t trust our house/pet sitter to do that. (Although given our track record, perhaps I should trust him more than myself….).

Regardless, I am super excited for our yard transformation, and I’ll be sure to post photos when it is all done!


3 thoughts on “Working on my black thumb.

  1. Can’t wait to see the update! I need to do some serious work in our front yard too, but I haven’t decided what I want it to look like so for now it’s just ugly!

  2. I’m not super thrilled with our landscaping either, but I’m not sure I can take on that kind of work. I can’t wait to see what it looks like when it’s done!

  3. Hooray for paying someone to fix your yard! Our front yard isn’t great either, but at least it’s mostly natural landscaping, so not that much to maintain. We hope to do something to make it look nicer next spring, but luckily my husband actually likes yard work. Me, not so much, so I’d be all for hiring landscapers!

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