Update on Landscaping… or lack there-of

You know what pisses me off? People/companies who can’t RETURN A FREAKING EMAIL.

I mentioned we had a landscaper come out last week (10 days ago now) to look at our flower beds and give us a quote on some work. The guy was SUPER nice and seemed knowledgable and professional. If the price was right, he had me sold.

He said he’d email me a quote by the next night (9 days ago). It never came.

No biggy, I emailed him last Monday morning (6 days ago) to inquire. He apologized for his tardiness and said he’d call that evening with a quote.

Except 1) I knew we would be busy Monday night and 2) I prefer all deals in which money is exchanged to be handled in writing.

It’s the lawyer in me, I can’t help it.

So I emailed him back and said if he’d like to call that was fine, although I may be busy that night, but I’d really prefer the actual quote to be in writing via email. My excuse, as I tell most people (and is really mostly true if I’m being honest) is that I have a horrible memory and if he gives me a quote verbally I’m liable to misunderstand or forget it, and so I really prefer to have things in writing so that I can refer back. I find this is a bit more congenial than telling people– I’m a lawyer and see people getting screwed over on oral deals every day, and thus I need it in writing because I don’t trust anyone. Sorry.

He called and left a message on my phone Monday night and gave me a price along with a general explanation of what was included. Not at all specific enough for my lawyer-mind. He also said he’d send an email quote with more specific emails “within the hour.”

Monday night, no email. So Tuesday I send a friendly message thanking him for his call and saying I had a few specific questions about what was included, if he could please answer these two things when he sends me my email quote. I look forward to hearing from him soon. (Ever the cordial emailer I am… even when annoyed).

No email Tuesday.

No email Wednesday.

No email Thursday.

Thursday night I sent a one-liner “Just checking in because I haven’t heard from you…”

FINALLY tonight (as I’m typing this blog post… why does that always happen? It’s like when you get up to pee in a restaurant and that is always when the food comes). I get a response email but only (kinda) answering my questions. No additional details that he promised me. No quote in writing.

So the question is: what to do?

Do I push forward for an in-writing quote and hope that this guy is simply TERRIBLE at emailing, and that he will in fact do a good job?

Or do I go with my gut which says: If he can’t handle emailing you when he says he will with the information he says he will… he is clearly not a professional and I’d be an idiot to trust him to do this job. He’s proven himself to be untrustworthy.

My mom says that I expect too much and some people just “aren’t email people.”

But as a business person who has email (and even has it on his phone, he mentioned to me), doesn’t he have a responsibility to conduct himself professionally? To either honor his word, or if he doesn’t want to email just not offer that as an option? And this guy is like, early 30s by the way. We’re not talking about a generational gap.

So… I’m torn.

I think I’m going to look for other landscaping companies to get quotes from tonight. What do others think though, am I being unreasonable?


2 thoughts on “Update on Landscaping… or lack there-of

  1. He absolutely should be able to handle emailing you, especially when you specifically requested it and he told you that he would. It’s absolutely ridiculous for him to not follow through on that, and there’s no reason he shouldn’t be able to be completely competent over email. I might be biased, though, because I completely 100% do not trust companies/professionals who are incapable of communicating via email – it’s just ridiculous! I’d find someone else.

  2. This probably won’t help but…I had a contractor who was great with email and he still sucked at his job. I would suggest getting his references?

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