Or maybe we just won’t do any landscaping…

I emailed 3 more landscapers on Sunday for quotes. Three days later…. only one call-back. 

I also had a cable guy out here Tuesday who I got to chatting with and he told me his brother is a local landscaper. He called him right in front of me and gave him my number to call me to set up a time for a quote. 


So basically… if this landscaper that is coming out next week doesn’t work out I’m liable to just give up for this season. It just should not be THIS hard to give money away to people for doing a bit of work. 




One thought on “Or maybe we just won’t do any landscaping…

  1. That sucks you’re having a difficult time with hearing back from landscapers! It’s like, um, I want to give you money, email me back already!

    I’ve had some moderate success with contacting people though Service Magic. I know that site makes service providers pay for referrals (so do your research on the company elsewhere too), but since they’re paying for it, they usually respond to quote requests pretty quickly if they’re submitted through the website form. Good luck!

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