Life after a chronically sick pet. Or: trying to calm my crazy.

Milo has been doing well. Really well, actually, although I hesitate to say it because I don’t want to jinx anything. Excuse me while I go knock on some wood. And throw salt over my left shoulder. And walk backwards under a ladder.

Side note– when you were a kid did you ever wear your PJs inside out and throw ice cubes into the toilet as an offering to the snow day gods? I totally did.

Anyways. Milo’s numbers have officially been in the “normal range” for over three months now, and his meds have been steady for that whole period of time (i.e. we decided against trying to ween him off of them like we did last time, and have accepted that he will be a lifer on these three wonderful (and way too expensive) meds). He’s been acting “normal”… or as normal as a cat ever acts. He’s eating. He’s playing. He’s jumping. He’s being a cat.

But the fear is still there.

The last time he relapsed it was after almost three months of stable numbers, followed by a steep and unpredictable decline in activity and numbers.

And we are doing things differently this time. First, as I said, we’ve made the decision to suck it up cost-wise and not ween him off of the medication. Apparently *most* cats can be weened off and that is always recommended after one “attack” like he had. But after relapsing last time, the vet said it is really our choice whether we want to try to ween him off again (not all the way off, but to a low dose this time), or keep him at his current medication levels. He hasn’t had any side effects from the meds and they don’t do any long-term damage to his liver or anything, so the difference is really just the cost. We decided that it was worth our peace of mind to just let well enough alone and leave him on the high dose to better ensure he doesn’t relapse again.

Second, we’re watching him much more closely now. The first time he got sick it was scary, but he got better relatively quickly and then seemed normal so we just assumed this was a one-time fluke and we could go back to the way things used to be. This time we know that he really could relapse at any time, and that the second time was worse than the first, and that there is a very real possibility he wouldn’t make it through a third if we didn’t catch it very early.

So we watch him a lot. We debate whether something he is doing is normal, for him, or abnormal. And that is REALLY HARD to do with a cat, because they never “act sick” until they are VERY sick and so the subtle signs of abnormality are just hard to catch.

And today is a perfect example. Usually, Milo lays in one of about eight places around the man cave that are “his spots.” But when I got home from a meeting this afternoon I noticed he was not laying in one of his spots. He was laying behind the couch where he laid the last time he got really sick. He wasn’t panting like he was then. And he came when I called him (he didn’t do that then). But when I stopped petting him he settled down again in a non-normal spot. And then he didn’t seem as apt to come lay next to me when I sat down to work (he usually hops up on the couch and lays about a foot away from me when I am down here). So I worried because he was aloof. And what does that mean?

So I called him. Like every five minutes for an hour. I tried to coax him onto the couch. Then finally, he hopped up onto the couch. Except instead of laying a foot away from me he crawled up ONTO me. Which is very very strange for him. He is not a cuddle-er. He likes to be near you, with maybe one paw touching you, but never on you.

But my goodness if he wasn’t cute.

So then I had an internal debate. This was weird, yes. But– when he was sick before he wanted to be as far from us as possible and he didn’t want to be touched. So cuddling doesn’t seem like a sick-indicator. Also, about 10 minutes ago I freaked out that he was being too aloof. Now I’m freaking out that he’s not being aloof enough. The cat can’t win with me.

The bottom line is, he’s eating. He’s jumping. He’s responding when I pet him. He’s excited about treats. HE’S FINE.

It’s hard to realize and accept that any living being is going to have variation in their day-to-day actions and personality. I ate Indian food for lunch today, for godsake. Me– the girl who won’t even eat BBQ sauce because it’s “weird.” And I need to stop freaking out every time he does something that isn’t 100% what he did the day before. I need to find a better balance between “aware” and “insane.” And I need to appreciate and enjoy those rare opportunities when he turns into a cuddle cat.

God help me if I ever have kids.


Lawyer Voice

A friend of mine is a third grade teacher, and she loves taking flip cam videos of her classes because she loves them so much. The first time she showed one of them to me, I was so startled when I heard her talk to her class– she talked like a teacher! It was then that I realized that all of my teachers growing up probably didn’t talk like that in their normal lives…. but the Teacher Voice is something that most teachers develop after a bit of time spent in the classroom.

Today I realized I have a Lawyer Voice. And I also realized it might be the most valuable thing I got out of this whole law school deal.

Long story short, we bought our leather reclining sofa at Macys last year. It was NOT cheap. We purchased a 7 year warranty that covered the structure/mechanics. Then our couch broke. Then we found out they rang up the wrong warranty for us (the one you usually buy with cloth sofas) when we checked out, and our problem was not covered under this warranty.

I talked to two people about this on Friday and was promised a call back today. I got a call this morning from a manager who told me that the company that handles the warranties is a third party vendor (i.e. not Macys itself), and they won’t allow coverage on any non-new furniture. So there was nothing they could do, sorry. Our couch was no longer new and thus it would not be covered by this warranty now or moving forward.

That’s when I whipped out the Lawyer Voice (which I think is really actually pretty similar to the Teacher Voice— a beat slower than usual and polite but firm). I explained that we had purchased a very expensive couch (our second from them, actually) with a 7 year warranty covering structure and mechanics, and that was what we were going to get. One way or another (useful phrase). They could choose to honor the warranty we were told we were purchasing, give us a new couch that could be covered by a warranty, or deal with the better business bureau after I filed a claim against them for fraud. But regardless, this was their mistake and not ours–therefore they needed to fix the problem.

About ten minutes later I got a call. Apologies all around and I’ll be receiving a call later this week to schedule the pick-up of our old couch and the delivery of a brand new couch which will be covered by a 7 year warranty.

Happy! It honestly took far less fighting than I anticipated, and I’m glad we discovered the problem now vs at year 6 when they might be less likely to fix it. I am slightly annoyed at Macys for first giving us the wrong warranty, and then trying to claim that there was nothing they could do to fix it. But I’m impressed that in the end they are willing to give us a new couch to make the problem right.

And also, I’m happy that today (unlike many days, unfortunately lol) I felt like all the time spent in law school and being a lawyer actually created a good end-result! haha.

Weekend round-up

Well, I had an awesome weekend. I am sad it is over. A perfect mix of getting shit done, shopping, and relaxing. But, I’ll limit the post to (mostly) home-related stuff.

First, I got the furniture in my new office moved around! Most importantly, we got the decorating closet cleaned out and moved the futon to the extra bedroom. Which left room to move the sewing table and get my desk moved to the corner I wanted it in. Here is a sneak-peak (via iPhone)

There is still lots of work to be done before this room would be “done”, including (in rough order of what I plan to do):
– Paint a bookcase white and add small file cabinet (in white? Not sure)
– Paint the room grey
– Add artwork to the walls
– Switch out the overhead light for something more interesting
– Add fun drapes

But, before I go to all that time I think I want to work in the office for a week or two to make sure it is something I’ll actually prefer. My current idea for a color palette, though, is something like this:

Grey walls, white accents in the woodwork and maybe the other furniture. Pops of teal with the desk and some accessories, and then I’m think maybe a TINY bit of pink throughout. It is a color I’ve never used anywhere before, but I’m kind of loving hot pink right now in very small doses.

Unfortunately, to get this room cleared out, it meant we had to move a lot of stuff to the spare bedroom. Which currently looks like this. Ooophf.

So… that’s on the to-do list.

In other home-related news, we headed to the outlet mall today and came thisclose to buying new lighting for our “breakfast nook” (i.e. the random little table in our kitchen). The light that is there now isn’t terrible. It is just builder-standard-boring. And there are certain things about a house that I think make a really big impact in terms of making it feel like “home,” and making it feel polished/expensive. The number one item, probably, is the flooring. Wood flooring automatically makes any space look about 10x better. At least. But, wood flooring is just not going to happen for us for a while, so I need to think more creatively. The second thing I think is having the walls painted (non-tan). We’ve got that done. The third is lighting. Everyone can spot a builder-grade light from 10 miles away. Bor-ing. The only photo I have of it is actually this old shot pre-backsplash, but you get the idea.

So, when we were walking through the pottery barn outlet and saw a section of chandeliers, I got super excited. The first one that caught my eye was this one, which is actually the Cluster Glass Pendant from West Elm (apparently they are associated with Pottery Barn).

It was marked down from $199 to $80! And then soon after I saw the (somewhat ubiquitous at this point, but I still love it) Capiz Pendant from Pottery Barn.

Swoon. $199 marked down to $99. After a quick pow-wow with B, we decided we liked them both for completely different reasons, but we both preferred the Capiz Pendant.

But then. B noticed that this chandelier actually cannot be hardwired into the ceiling. It has a PLUG. You are supposed to just plug it in and run the cord up the wall and over the ceiling, I guess? Bleh. Does not seem very polished looking to me, and the people at Pottery Barn confirmed this was not meant to be hardwired. So lame. And at that point, we really liked that pendant so much better than the other, that we didn’t really want to settle for that either.

So we are still on the hunt, but luckily this is really not a top priority right now. Just something we are casually looking for if we see anything we love.

Also, I decided on today’s trip that my love of teal has really bled into all areas of my life right now because I ALMOST bought this purse at Kate Spade, until I decided I’m really just not a patent leather person.

Oh well. So that was pretty much my productiveness this weekend. What do you think of the color palette? And what about the file cabinet for the office? I think leaving it wood would look weird, right? But would teal be TOO MUCH teal? Should I just go with white? I’m having a hard time deciding. Weigh in below!

Lucky #13

Thirteen coats of paint. That’s how much it took to get this desk top DONE. Sanded, two coats of spray primer, four coats of spray paint, sanded again, two coats of liquid primer, one coat of spray paint, sanded again, two coats of liquid primer, two coats of high gloss enamel.. and DONE.

Alternate titles for this post include:

You may have won some battles, desk, but I won the war!
Five cans of spray paint and a quart of enamel later…
Well, that (should’ve been) easy.
and, of course
No seriously, just buy new furniture.

But the important thing is, I persevered and got the job done right. If you’ll recall, this is where I started with the $10 garage sale desk.

And here is where I considered quitting, because I just couldn’t figure out the texture problem I was having with the desk top.

I’m so glad that I pushed through and found a solution, because…. check it out!

Smoooooooth like a baby’s butt! Love love love love. In the end, this was the magic combination.

A normal liquid primer (two thin and even coats), and two coats of high gloss enamel paint. The metallic paint I used for the drawer pulls once everything else was done. I kind of really wish I would’ve just gone with this combination from the start. First, I already owned the primer. The enamel paint ended up costing me almost $16 (for a quart!) so that was a bummer after having already bought FIVE cans of spray paint (2 primer and 3 color), but I ended up only using about 1/10th of the can so I guess I’ll have lots left over for future projects.

I guess I’ll call it a life lesson. I don’t know why spray paint doesn’t work for me. I know it works for others, I’ve seen it on their blogs and just today I was at a friend’s house who used the EXACT SAME spray paint (both brand and color) to spray her baby’s dresser and bookcase and they looked fabulous. It might be the desk, or it might be that I’m just incapable. But the bottom line is that the enamel is a sure bet, and I actually prefer the nice gloss it has over the more subtle sheen of spray paint. I will definitely purchase high gloss enamel for all future furniture painting projects. I think I’ll save the spray paint for smaller items or things with lots of curves, like picture frames or chairs. More power to you if you can use spray paint successfully for big items, but this gal is sticking with the old school route. The only downside to my new love affair with high gloss enamel is I am now super bummed that I didn’t use it for my guest bedroom furniture (I used what the people at Lowes recommended, which was a normal satin finish paint). It has a much more matte texture and already has some scuffs on it. I may be forced to wipe it all down and do one coat of a white enamel on top of it all to smooth things out.

But enough about my new-found love. Let’s get to some more desk porn. (Now that just sounded a little wrong didn’t it?)

And as you may have noticed, I bought a desk chair! Here was my original inspiration for a chair.

So imagine my excitement when I found this very similar chair at Home Goods for a mere $129!

And one more shot of them together, because I love the combination.

It isn’t quite as wide at the base as the inspiration chair, but that was actually part of my wish list because I wanted the chair to be able to fit under the desk when needed.

So, let’s wrap up the cost of this project.

Grand total: $50
Desk – $10
Spray paints- $25
Enamel Paint- $15

Grand total if I’d done enamel first: $25
Desk- $10
Enamel Paint- $15

I was feeling a little badly about that at first, but when I was walking through target today, I spotted these.

Tiny little end tables in almost the exact color I just used (and not even that well made) for $59.99 each! So I guess $50 is still a total steal for a super cute 50s-ish teal desk.

And as a completely random aside– why do you always run into people when you look your worst? I generally have a strict self-imposed rule about at least wearing normal clothes out of the house. Most people probably wouldn’t need to make a rule about this, but since I pretty much live in yoga pants at home, I kind of needed to draw a line in the sand somewhere. And for me, that line is public. Unless I’m actually going to work out, no stretchy pants allowed in public.

But then today. I had a newborn shoot this afternoon, and I wanted to stop at target first for a football.* The problem is I decided to bend my no-stretchy-pants rule for this shoot because I tend to spend the entirety of my 2-hour newborn shoots crawling/sprawling on the floor. And since this one happened to be for a good friend, I wanted to be comfortable. And I decided a QUICK trip into target on the way couldn’t hurt. Except I saw someone I used to know from high school, who I haven’t seen SINCE high school. Awesome.

At least I was also wearing a sports bra, so maybe she assumed I just came from working out? Ugh, whatever.

But, back to the topic at hand… desk is done, and I am happy. I plan to make some time this weekend to rearrange my new office space to get the desk where it needs to be. I think I’m going to use next week as a trial period for working up there just to make sure I like it before I invest the time and money (well, really more the time because paint is pretty cheap) in painting the room. I’ll let you know how it goes!

*I wanted the football because this was my first newborn boy shoot and I needed some kind of prop. The dad is a huge Patriots fan, like B, so it seemed fitting. And seriously, how cute is this kid?

Gallery Wall Done!

Guess what I got in the mail today! If you guessed an aluminyzed metal print from adoramapix (and really, why wouldn’t you guess that), you would be right! Wanna see? This is a photo from our honeymoon in Kauai. I love it because it reminds me of everything about that week, the beach, the waves, the mountains, and the moody weather.

Pretty, no? So, what is an aluminyzed metal print, anyways? Well to be honest, I wasn’t QUITE sure myself. But I won a free 8×10 one from adoramapix (I follow them on Facebook because I use them for all of my album-making needs), so I thought I’d give it a try. Basically, they print your photo on metal. The benefit of this is that the photo is sort of an all-in-one (no frame needed), and is supposedly somewhat indestructible (although I didn’t take a hammer or glass of wine to mine).

They come in either a white base or silver, and if you post the photo you are thinking of using on their Facebook wall they will tell you which would look better. They recommended white for me. My opinion? Honestly… a little meh. It is pretty, don’t get me wrong. And I like having something different to break up the same-ness of my gallery wall (I kind of did a mix of framed and frameless). And since it was free (I just had to pay shipping), I’d say it was totally worth it. But regular price on these bad boys is $34.95 for an 8×10 and I kind of don’t think it is worth THAT. I don’t think the photo itself looks any better or different than it would if I just printed it on photo paper and matted/framed it, and I think I give a preference to matted/framed photos if I’m trying to make a polished piece. So that is my honest (and totally unsolicited, lol) review, but if you wanted to try out your own aluminyzed print, I recommend following adoramapix on Facebook or twitter because they run a lot of sales (up to 40% off sometimes).

Anyways, this was the last piece of the puzzle and thus: MY GALLERY WALL IS DONE! I am super excited about this because for some reason, this project intimidated me. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It isn’t quite as “tight” as some walls are, but I think that would probably require more skill than I have (or more time than I was willing to commit). Plus, for my clutter-hating husband, I think easing him in with a loose arrangement is a bit easier.

So without further ado..


I’ll give you the grand tour, moving approximately from the top down.

I’ll make a standing apology for the reflections you can see in most of the photos, it was super bright in the kitchen which was making it hard to take photos! Anyways, our important dates.

Next up, I framed some tickets from last year’s events. Two tickets to see Motley Crue (and Poison and NY Dolls) in Atlanta, and Detroit Tigers Luxury Box tickets.

Two photos that B bought for me in New York

Some of my favorite snapshots. Each of the cats, my parents, B dancing with his mom at our wedding, B and I at the resort where we got engaged, and us at the statue of liberty this past May.

My homemade “heart art” showcasing where we got engaged, got married, and honeymooned.

Next up, my grandparents’ wedding photo. How awesome is that?! My grandma (dad’s mom) gave my parents some old photos this past Christmas and this was one of them. I didn’t frame the original, I just scanned it and got it reprinted so I could hang it without worrying about further damaging it. This one already has a bit of light damage on it, you can see stripes from it sitting on a table in front of a window with blinds for years.

As a side note, how chic was my grandma? Her dress would almost be in style today with the new lace-sleeve trend reemergence. And, she had bridesmaids each wear their own color dress just like I did!

Of course, our own wedding photo (and I consider myself somewhat restrained in that this is only the second photo in the entire house of our wedding, the other is in our bedroom).

And Stew, you didn’t think I would forget about him did you?

Last but not least, my second piece of “word art”

Two notes about this last piece. I had a lot of trouble with this because the frame was a non-standard size. It wasn’t a picture frame I bought, it was one that B had gotten with (cheap) artwork in it from Kohls about a decade ago. I ripped out the innards, but accidentally broke the glass- compounding the problem. I actually thought the glass was going to be a bigger problem, but it turns out that you can get replacement glass from Lowes for cheap. You buy a piece (it comes in various sizes) and they will cut it to whatever size you want– for free. The size I needed to buy was like $5.20 or something– way cheaper than I expected for custom sized glass, and an excellent thing to remember for the future. The mat has been more challenging. The art supply store that I favor no longer custom cuts mats, and when I tried to call Jo-Ann Fabrics for a quote, they left me on hold for 15 minutes which left me to tell them “don’t bother” when they asked my name and number to call me back (sorry– can’t patronize places with shitty customer service). I think I’ll need to make the voyage to a Hobby Lobby at some point, but there are none near where I live so it will probably have to wait a bit. As a place holder, I just cut some wrapping paper I liked and figured that it would do for now. A nice mat will definitely look better (and I’ll update when it is done!), but for now I am proclaiming it good enough and declaring the wall done.

Want one last look without having to scroll up?

Still love.

Also, as an aside, if anyone wants a tutorial on how I actually figured out spacing and put everything up without a zillion holes in the wall (I have exactly 1 extra hole on the whole wall– go me!) please let me know. But since I am just following in the footsteps of those like Young House Love and Love and Renovations, I kind of assume most people know the “secrets” at this point!

Total cost for this project: estimated $40-ish

1 can spray paint for frames – $5
Online order of photos – $6
2 prints made from kinkos – $6
Glass from Lowes – $6
Metal Print – $7 (just the shipping cost, although I would’ve gotten it gallery wall or not)
Mat- Estimating about $10 but I’m not sure

So totally cheap, and could be even cheaper if I didn’t have to buy a custom mat and frame for the one print.

Anyone else doing any super cheap but big-impact projects?

Always working, never done.

One of things I like best about blogging is that it keeps me motivated to do things around the house. I have a tendency towards un-motivation, but actually writing out my plans in some sort of public forum gives me a push to get things done. It’s been about eleven months since my re-entry into blogging, so let’s take a list at my updated to-do list, and see how I’ve done. Of course, once I finish this list I’m sure I’ll have 10 other things pop up, but that is the nature of making a house a home!

Bigger Projects (due to time or money):
– stamped concrete patio – on hold indefinitely while B goes back to school
– landscaping front flower beds – working on hiring someone!
– Replacing flooring on main level of house with wood or bamboo – on hold until after B is done with school
– paint the guest bedroom/accent wall in loft – still trying to decide what exactly I want to do.
– Paint office and find new office furniture – In progress!
– Tile backsplash in kitchen – DONE!
– Curtain rod and curtains for great room – currently unmotivated on this project

Small Projects
– Cover existing pillows in great room with fun fabric
– make 1-2 pillows for bench in great room
– paint tiny wall between great room and kitchen
– new lighting for breakfast nook and dining room (DIY)
– Paint the back of the pantry door with chalkboard paint – Done!
– Hang some photos/art in the guest room and upstairs hallway
– organize my crafting stuff in the sewing room – Done!
– Put contact paper design on back door – Done!
– Hang curtain rods in bedroom and hem fabric I used in wedding to make curtains- Done!
– Put hardware on the cabinets in the kitchen- Done!
– Gallery wall going up the stairs – Almost done, update to come within the week!
– Figure out art for behind our bed
– Paint guest bed furniture and make-over guest room- Done, done, done, and done!

Overall, I am really happy with what I’ve accomplished this year. I’ve done a ton of small projects that haven’t cost too much and have really made this place feel less cookie-cutter and more ours. By and large our “big” projects remain undone, and probably will for the foreseeable future. With B headed back to school, it just isn’t the time to sink thousands into home upgrades that are far from necessary. But moving forward with the little stuff is, for now, totally satisfying my DIY urge without making me feel guilty about the money.

And thus concludes my 11-month update. Stay tuned the rest of this week for updates on my gallery wall (so close to done!) and the desk (I think I think I think I maybe figured it out? *knock on wood*)!!

This desk will be the death of me.

I found pinned this on pinterest a while back, thinking mostly of my career. But today, I have found another use for it:

Remember this desk?

My PLAN was to rock out a rehab of the desk in a weekend (the one before last, actually), and come back last week with an awesomely teal version of this mid-century bit of awesomeness.

But that would be way too easy. I’ve been having issues. And every time I try to make it better, it gets worse. I thought about waiting until I figured this thing out before posting the reveal, but then I figured… DIY is all about adapting to unexpected problems right? So come. Share in my pain.

Alright. So we started here.

The top had quite a few scratches, so I knew I would have to sand it well. On all of the surfaces except the top, I just sanded VERY lightly with a hand sander, but for the top I sanded down to bare wood, to get rid of all the nasty scratches and whatnot.

Then, following the advice of many a great blogger that has come before (and also my own laziness after the ordeal of painting our guest bed furniture), I decided to use spray primer. I forgot to take a photo, but it was the Zinsser 1-2-3 spray primer.

Two thin and even coats of primer.

Then finally, time to spray my teal!! I did everything I’ve read to do. I shook well, held the can 8-10 inches away, and did very thin and even coats. But almost immediately I could tell a problem was arising on the top of the desk. And yet I thought, maybe if I just did more thin and even coats? 4 coats later….

So from a distance, pretty awesome right? I love the color, and the spray paint seemed to do a good job on *most* of the desk. But check out the top.

A little funky, right? And wayyyyyy worse from the other angle.

What the..?

My best guess on the problem was that the bare wood soaked up the paint in a weird and inconsistent way. I wasn’t sure what to do, so I called on the advice of several friends while leaving the desk in the garage– hoping every day I’d come out and it would magically not be as bad as I had remembered. Except it always was.

Finally I decided, the only way to fix this problem was to start over, kinda. I planned to sand the top again, not to bare wood but just enough to get a smooth finish. Then two coats of ROLL ON primer rather than spray on, then try with the spray paint again.

So I sanded, again. And then I used the primer I bought for the guest bed furniture (Zinser that you have to roll/brush on rather than spray on). After two coats I was super confident this was going to work.

See? No unevenness! YAY. The can said to wait 1 hour to recoat, so I waited about 3 to be safe. But when I went to put my first coat of spray paint on… it just felt like the problem was resurfacing. I don’t know if my can was defective, if I am defective (entirely possible), if the surface was too large to adequately keep my hand moving at the EXACT RIGHT PACE to not have heavier spots… I dunno. But see? splotchy again after one coat.

Superbig sigh. And now I was almost out of spray paint, so I had a decision to make. Trudge forward and buy more spray paint, hoping that several more coats would fix the problem, or re-assess.

Considering my quickly fading confidence in spray paint, and the fact that I only had to do the top side of the desk, I opted for option #2. I figured that the easiest, most full-proof solution to the problem would probably be to sand (AGAIN), prime (AGAIN), and then simply use NORMAL paint. I figured that Lowes should be able to color-match the spray paint and this would allow me to buy a glossy finish paint that would probably be better for the top work surface anyways.

I waited until last night (maybe about 6 hours after I spray painted) and tried to just LIGHTLY sand the top to smooth everything out again before re-priming. Except… it didn’t work.

The sander, instead of sanding… seemed to just pick up the spray paint and redeposit it in gloopy splotchy uneven ways.

Seriously… WHAT? I thought okay, maybe it just wasn’t dry enough. So I waited until late this morning (a full day after I spray painted) and tried to sand again. SAME THING.

If the sander had not been borrowed, it would’ve flown across the garage. In a fit of exasperation, I picked up some courser grade sandpaper and hand-sanded a section of the top. This DID actually work to smooth the surface, but 1) it was taking forever and 2) it cut my fingers to shit (I recommend gloves if you are going to sand by hand!).

I figured I’d pop by Lowes for a sanding block and a pint of normal paint this afternoon. I happened to have a dentist appointment, and afterwards I was by Home Depot so I thought I’d just go there.

Except they don’t HAVE Valspar paints, which meant I couldn’t take the can to the paint counter to get color-matched. Sigh.

So to recap:
– spray paint fail
– spray paint take 2, fail
– sanding fail
– color matching fail

But I will not give up. By the time I’m done with this $10 desk, it might be worth $2,000 of my time, but I will not be beaten!

Current plan: Go to LOWES who will actually have the paint I can match. Sand by hand. Prime (again!!) with normal non-spray primer. Paint with normal (non-spray) paint.

Whew. Are you tired? I’m tired. But if things go according to my latest plan (lol, I won’t hold my breath), I should be done with the desk by Thursday and hopefully post an update on Friday. And if things don’t go according to plan, you can find me under my bed in the fetal position chanting “no-more-DIY.” Ya know. Either way.

Someone please tell me about your DIY fails so I am not the only one here failing?