Fifteen minutes… or two hours. Whatever.

The title of this blog came from my goal to be a bit less lazy in terms of keeping my house clean and organized. I felt like I could get a lot of things done if I could just talk myself into spending fifteen minutes per day on a project.

I still, when I’m somewhat dreading getting started on something (usually cleaning), find it really helpful to set a timer for myself. It usually isn’t 15 minutes… 30 minutes is more common. Then I tell myself I’m going to work hard for that time period and if I want to quit when the timer goes off… fine, at least I made progress. Except when the timer goes off I’m usually excited to finish and I power through.

Today’s goal was my sewing room. I’ve done a few smaller projects recently, my curtains, some curtains and a crib skirt for a pregnant friend, and a few onesies for a gift for that friend:

I decided I wanted to make my mother-in-law a quilt to let her know we were thinking of her, and because I know those chemo rooms can be cold. But, my sewing room was a MESS and it was depressing me just to be in there lately. Behold.

Yikes. I couldn’t find anything I wanted to find, and it was just kind of a hole of anxiety for a person like me who wants a clean(ish) workspace.

So, I had the day off today and decided it was time. I set the timer for an hour. When it went off, I had made quite a bit of progress but I decided I needed just a little more time, so I did another 30 minutes. But then I still wasn’t quite done because I decided to vacuum the floor, futon, and chair (cali loves to lay on them, sigh). In all, it took me about two hours. But? TOTALLY worth it.

All of my fabric organized. I have my scraps, my extra yards of fabric, my un-started projects, and my partially completed projects. I also organized my gift wrapping stuff.

Work table cleaned, floor cleared.

Futon cleared and vacuumed, floor cleared, closet organized, rolly drawers organized.

Ahhhhhhhh… doesn’t it just look like a place where you can get shit done? Now… its not exactly PRETTY still. Could use some stuff up on the walls or a coat of paint on the furniture… but it is at least CLEAN and organized and makes me feel like I could really get some work done up there without tearing my hair out.

Cleaning also reminds me of things I forgot I had. Like this fabric I bought two years ago because I loved it (and still love it!) that I still haven’t figured out what to do with. Ideas?

So, that was my afternoon. I managed to have an entire day off and never turn on the tv until 9pm… amazing right? Breakfast with some friends in the morning, cleaning and organizing in the early afternoon, a trip to the grocery store and some cookout food arranging, and then a cookout with some new friends in our neighborhood (hi friend! lol). Speaking of which, Stew was quite put out when we were getting ready to leave.

This photo tells me two things. First, Stew has the “you’re not leaving me, right?” look down pat. Second, he is one spoiled pup.

All in all– terrific day! Plus, only two more days of work then the weekend–yay! How was everyone else’s fourth?


2 thoughts on “Fifteen minutes… or two hours. Whatever.

  1. It looks great! I LOVE the strategy of setting a timer to get yourself to do things. I used to do that but I had kind of forgotten about it – I definitely need to pick that habit back up!

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