What is the opposite of Debbie Downer?

It’s amazing how much can change in a week. Last week at this time, I was feeling very down. This week, the world is awesome.

A brief survey of the awesomeness:

#1: I finished my mother-in-law’s quilt today! I really wanted to get it done to mail tomorrow, and I met my deadline– which makes me super happy. Plus, I feel like it came out super cute. My MIL loves fuchsia, so I went outside my comfort zone (blues and greens, mostly), and I’m really happy with how this turned out.

#2: B got into the mba program he applied to! He’s not all that excited to be heading back to school, but it is something he needs to do for his career so we’re both excited to get the ball rolling on it.

#3 Things are picking up a bit with my photography business. I haven’t talked much about it on the blog, but (shockingly, despite my penchant for posting iPhone photos) I have a bit of a side business doing wedding and portrait photography. I’ve just been trying to get into the business in the last year or so, but it has been slow going. Mostly because I have a full time job to worry about and I also haven’t wanted to invest much money into business with everything else we have going on. So, I’ve been renting equipment and only buying new stuff once I make enough from photo bookings to cover it. But, I had 1 wedding (second-shooting) and 3 photo shoots in the last month, and I have 2 weddings (second-shooting) and 2 photo shoots lined up for the next 2 months, which is fantastic! I had an especially fun shoot this past week. I was stressed about it, because it was only my second newborn shoot… but it went SO well. My favorite of the day:

#4: I took a risk and ordered myself a new camera (Canon 5D Mark II). As I mentioned above, I have so far not wanted to invest any money into photography that I haven’t made from photo gigs. I think there was a big part of me that felt like I didn’t want to invest our money in something I might fail at anyways (yay positive thinking…. lol). But, things have been going so well the past month, and I’m having so much fun, I decided it was time to have a little faith in myself and order the camera I really need to be successful. B was supportive, of course, it was always me concerned about the money. Funny enough, the morning after I bought the camera I booked another second shooting job! I’ve set a goal of paying this camera off with photo money by the end of the year, and I have faith I will pull it off. And since I’m letting my feeling-bad-about-the-money go…. now I am just SUPER excited to get my new camera in the mail tomorrow and start practicing with it!

So, in all, the past week has sort of rocked. I guess I should remind myself the next time I’m feeling Debbie-ish that I just need to wait a week for a new perspective. Anyone else have an unexpectedly (or expected, for that matter) awesome week?


2 thoughts on “What is the opposite of Debbie Downer?

  1. lol you are too sweet! Quilting (the way I do it) takes no talent at all, just a bit of patience. My grandma was a seamstress so I learned how to sew before I learned how to write. 🙂

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