5 Reasons You Should Sell Your Stuff Online

It’s no secret I’m kind of lazy… which means I’m not prone to “making a quick buck” in ways a lot of other people do (coupon-ing, for example). I generally feel like non-employment related ways to make money are not really worth the effort at all because half the time you end up spending like 3 hours to make $10– pass.

But I had to share for other lazy folks out there, in case you don’t already, you should totally sell your stuff online.

I don’t do it with everything old and unwanted. Just this past December B and I cleaned out our closets and gave 11(!!!!) bags of old clothes and whatnot to goodwill. Generally I don’t put anything online that I don’t think I can get at least $50 for. Recent examples include our old papasan chairs (got $80 for the pair), our old TV stand ($60), and a lens that is incompatible with my new camera ($590).

For furniture and whatnot, I use craigslist. It is too heavy to ship and enough local people want furniture that it is pretty easy to move if you price it reasonably. For my camera lens (because it was expensive and more of a specialty item) I listed it on ebay. I did a 24 hour auction and it sold that first day– SCORE.

So, here are the reasons you should sell your stuff online:

1) If you aren’t going to use it anymore (even if it is old and not cute– like your college papasan), remember that SOMEONE out there is headed to college right now and might love it. And they might even pay you for it, and money is good.

2) Giving things a second life is an easy way to recycle. Why not let it live another 5 years rather than trash it?

3) If you sell it on craigslist, you don’t even have to haul it to a dumpster, someone will show up at your door ready to move it with cash in hand!

4) You can put the money you made off of item towards the replacement item, thus helping to alleviate some of your shopping guilt.

5) It is SO easy. Even for someone lazy. I usually spend about 10 minutes taking/uploading a few photos of the item and another 5-10 minutes listing it online. That is the total time commitment. Unless you want to count the 3 minutes it takes for someone to knock on your door, hand you cash, and haul your unused stuff away… which I don’t. Because that is awesome.

So, that’s my little Monday PSA. Sell your stuff and make some cash. Anyone else prone to selling their old stuff online?


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