OBX 2012

The Outerbanks. Rodanthe, to be precise.

My parents got this beach house for our family as a Christmas gift for my brother and I. It was something my mom has been talking about doing for years, so when she suggested it last fall, we agreed. As I’ve mentioned, I was not super psyched.

Mostly my un-psyched-ness was due to the drive. We are lazy vacationers. We don’t like to work for our leisure… and a 12 hour (or 15.5, as the case may be) drive was not our idea of a good time. Then, there was just worrying about awkwardness. We actually get along really well with my parents, but we still almost never see them for more than two nights at a time. And my brother? Well, I haven’t spent a whole 24 hours with him and his wife since…. maybe ever? I just didn’t know what the dynamics would be. If we’d get bored. If we’d feel smothered. Etc etc etc.

I am so happy to report: we had a fantastic time. Fantastic enough that I actually contemplated staying an extra day, except we didn’t want to contend with Saturday traffic (ironically, we probably would’ve made it back faster.. live and learn).

Day 1:
We slept until we woke up on our own (no alarm or corgi-alarm? brilliant), had a leisurely breakfast, and then headed to the beach. I took exactly one photo all day, and it was on my phone from my chair.

The beach was beautiful and not at all crowded. After a few hours we headed back for lunch, showered, and then we all headed out to do a bit of shopping. We drove to the next town down the beach and hit up a few beach stores. After some serious souvenir purchasing, we stopped for ice cream, and then headed back to the beach house. A little more lounging, some dinner, and then we spent the night playing a card game my parents brought (Pit), which was sooo much fun. I always forget how much I like playing games.

Day 2:
It was a chilly day, by beach standards (low 70s), but perfect for sight-seeing. My parents told us about a lighthouse about a half hour south of our house, and it seemed like something we needed to see. We headed down the island, and it was awesome.

Cape Hatteras Light House is the tallest in North America. See? Tall.

And, you can climb it!

And for some reason… we did! But first, we had to wait about an hour. Nothing psyches you up to climb the tallest light house in America like laying on the grass in front of it and staring at it for an hour… lol

But finally, we climbed!

B wanted to see how fast he could make it up. Partially because he’s weirdly athletic like that, and partially because he is scared of heights, the stairs were very narrow/steep (especially since people go both ways on them at the same time), and he thought going up fast was best before he changed his mind. Anyways, he made it up in under 4 minutes!! I… did not. That’s a lot of stairs, yo. But I made it up in about 8, and that is good enough for me!

This is B hugging the top because it was suuuuper windy and he’s not so much for the heights. He freaked the hell out when I leaned on the railing to take some photos, boys! lol

We stopped on the way back to the house for lunch at a little place called Cafe 12, and ordered their signature dish, “Hatteras flats.” In case you can’t tell… these are basically a tortilla with like 10 cups of cheese and random toppings. So, freaking, good.

We ended our second day with crab legs (for the boys, I don’t do seafood), a gorgeous sunset over the bay, and Guesstures. Note my brother in the lower left corner with the krueger hand.

Day 3:
We hit the beach again on day 3, and packed snacks to stay out for a longer time. B and I played in the water, and my brother and sister in law built a sand castle.

No other beach pics because we were too busy having fun in the sun. Once early afternoon hit, B and I decided we were really over-sunned. We are too white to handle the beach for full days at a time.

In the afternoon we broke out the gaming consoles and played Rap Hero, DJ Hero 2, and Just Dance 2 with my family. If you’ve never watched your mom rap Soulja Boy, or seen your dad dance to Katie Perry… I highly highly recommend it.

After dinner, we headed down to the grill to do s’mores (yum!) and have a ping pong tournament (my mom kicked all of our asses).

Day 4:

On our last day, B and I were over the beach. We are just not built for that much direct sunlight. So, we headed up to Pea Island to see the Turtles at the nature preserve.

Then we took the afternoon off. Which was really nice actually, because it was the first and only time all week that we just laid around the house and read (which is one of my favorite things to do on vacation!).

After lunch with the family, my brother and sister in law headed off to get tattoos. I’m not going to lie… I was a little bit jealous. Getting a vacation tattoo (or any tattoo, for that matter) is something I have always wanted to do. But, I am just way too indecisive to ever decide what to get. Such is life.

In the evening, we headed to the pier with my parents. I don’t know what is happening with my sunglasses here.

The pier was pretty though.

That night, we headed to a local restaurant with an amaaaaaazing view for dinner at sunset.

It was a perfect “last meal” of vacation, it even included hushpuppies which are my FAVORITE beach food. We capped the night off with more Guesstures and Pit.

All in all, we had a great week. There was a good mix of beach, sight-seeing, and total laziness. There was also a good mix of hanging out with the family and going off on our own. Plus, when this is the view from the balcony off your bedroom, it’s hard to have a bad time.

I’m so glad that we went, and something tells me this will not be our last family vacation. I just hope that wherever we go next, there is a bullet train to get us there!


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