Sparklebomb upgrade

So remember waaaaaay back in March when I formulated a plan for our guest bedroom? Part of that plan included a chandelier that was backordered until June.

I waited (im)patiently and painted the furniture, got new bedding, and hung curtains. And then… finaaaallllly…. the chandelier came!

The only issue is that it needed to be wired into the ceiling which is way above B’s and my pay grade. So we called my dad (a handy dad is really the best DIY tool ever). My parents came down this past weekend and…..

Gorgeous, right?! Take a look at the wide view.

Better yet, check out the amazing sparkle-bomb that happens when you turn it on!

I wish there was some way to show the live view, because it seriously glitters like a diamond on the ceiling. I’ll admit I was a bit concerned that a $99 chandelier was going to look like… well… a $99 chandelier. But this far exceeded my expectations.

And, just to make the awesomeness even more awesome, we decided to install dimmer switches both in the guest room and also the man cave. I’m not sure how many people have experienced dimmers, but they are great! I think they are especially nice for bedrooms and rooms you watch movies in. B always wants the lights totally off for movies, whereas I like to at least be able to see where I’m going if I get up to get a drink. A dimmer is the perfect solution.

If you haven’t seen them, they are sold as an individual switch that you can replace a normal switch with, and it fits right into any switch plate.

If you have no experience with wiring….. maybe sit this DIY out, but it seems like most people at least know someone who can do basic electrical work. My dad taught me how to install the switches and it is really very easy, but since you are working with electricity it isn’t something you want to just jump into with no know-how (lest you electrocute yourself or like, burn down your house or something). But, if you can scrounge up someone with some basic skills, the switch will only run you about $21 from Lowes.

So, to review, super productive weekend leading to a serious upgrade of the guest room.

It isn’t done yet, I still need to slipcover the chaise and get some art on the walls, but it is definitely past the half-way point.

We also started another fun project that I’ll disclose has used 8 cans of spray paint so far…. but I am in a re-figuring mode after hitting a hiccup, so that might not be posted until later in the week.

And, last but not least, I got a chance to play around a bit with my new camera and……. LOVE. Of course my favorite test subjects are always the pets.

I know, I know… they’re so cute even iPhones make them look good. But a good camera doesn’t hurt! And for any photo-folks out there, I just have to share my happy-dance moment when I took that last photo of Milo at 3200 ISO and had it still turn out that butter smooth without hardly any noise reduction. *cue angels singing*

Yep. Good weekend! How was everyone else’s weekends?


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