Gallery Wall Done!

Guess what I got in the mail today! If you guessed an aluminyzed metal print from adoramapix (and really, why wouldn’t you guess that), you would be right! Wanna see? This is a photo from our honeymoon in Kauai. I love it because it reminds me of everything about that week, the beach, the waves, the mountains, and the moody weather.

Pretty, no? So, what is an aluminyzed metal print, anyways? Well to be honest, I wasn’t QUITE sure myself. But I won a free 8×10 one from adoramapix (I follow them on Facebook because I use them for all of my album-making needs), so I thought I’d give it a try. Basically, they print your photo on metal. The benefit of this is that the photo is sort of an all-in-one (no frame needed), and is supposedly somewhat indestructible (although I didn’t take a hammer or glass of wine to mine).

They come in either a white base or silver, and if you post the photo you are thinking of using on their Facebook wall they will tell you which would look better. They recommended white for me. My opinion? Honestly… a little meh. It is pretty, don’t get me wrong. And I like having something different to break up the same-ness of my gallery wall (I kind of did a mix of framed and frameless). And since it was free (I just had to pay shipping), I’d say it was totally worth it. But regular price on these bad boys is $34.95 for an 8×10 and I kind of don’t think it is worth THAT. I don’t think the photo itself looks any better or different than it would if I just printed it on photo paper and matted/framed it, and I think I give a preference to matted/framed photos if I’m trying to make a polished piece. So that is my honest (and totally unsolicited, lol) review, but if you wanted to try out your own aluminyzed print, I recommend following adoramapix on Facebook or twitter because they run a lot of sales (up to 40% off sometimes).

Anyways, this was the last piece of the puzzle and thus: MY GALLERY WALL IS DONE! I am super excited about this because for some reason, this project intimidated me. I’m really happy with how it turned out. It isn’t quite as “tight” as some walls are, but I think that would probably require more skill than I have (or more time than I was willing to commit). Plus, for my clutter-hating husband, I think easing him in with a loose arrangement is a bit easier.

So without further ado..


I’ll give you the grand tour, moving approximately from the top down.

I’ll make a standing apology for the reflections you can see in most of the photos, it was super bright in the kitchen which was making it hard to take photos! Anyways, our important dates.

Next up, I framed some tickets from last year’s events. Two tickets to see Motley Crue (and Poison and NY Dolls) in Atlanta, and Detroit Tigers Luxury Box tickets.

Two photos that B bought for me in New York

Some of my favorite snapshots. Each of the cats, my parents, B dancing with his mom at our wedding, B and I at the resort where we got engaged, and us at the statue of liberty this past May.

My homemade “heart art” showcasing where we got engaged, got married, and honeymooned.

Next up, my grandparents’ wedding photo. How awesome is that?! My grandma (dad’s mom) gave my parents some old photos this past Christmas and this was one of them. I didn’t frame the original, I just scanned it and got it reprinted so I could hang it without worrying about further damaging it. This one already has a bit of light damage on it, you can see stripes from it sitting on a table in front of a window with blinds for years.

As a side note, how chic was my grandma? Her dress would almost be in style today with the new lace-sleeve trend reemergence. And, she had bridesmaids each wear their own color dress just like I did!

Of course, our own wedding photo (and I consider myself somewhat restrained in that this is only the second photo in the entire house of our wedding, the other is in our bedroom).

And Stew, you didn’t think I would forget about him did you?

Last but not least, my second piece of “word art”

Two notes about this last piece. I had a lot of trouble with this because the frame was a non-standard size. It wasn’t a picture frame I bought, it was one that B had gotten with (cheap) artwork in it from Kohls about a decade ago. I ripped out the innards, but accidentally broke the glass- compounding the problem. I actually thought the glass was going to be a bigger problem, but it turns out that you can get replacement glass from Lowes for cheap. You buy a piece (it comes in various sizes) and they will cut it to whatever size you want– for free. The size I needed to buy was like $5.20 or something– way cheaper than I expected for custom sized glass, and an excellent thing to remember for the future. The mat has been more challenging. The art supply store that I favor no longer custom cuts mats, and when I tried to call Jo-Ann Fabrics for a quote, they left me on hold for 15 minutes which left me to tell them “don’t bother” when they asked my name and number to call me back (sorry– can’t patronize places with shitty customer service). I think I’ll need to make the voyage to a Hobby Lobby at some point, but there are none near where I live so it will probably have to wait a bit. As a place holder, I just cut some wrapping paper I liked and figured that it would do for now. A nice mat will definitely look better (and I’ll update when it is done!), but for now I am proclaiming it good enough and declaring the wall done.

Want one last look without having to scroll up?

Still love.

Also, as an aside, if anyone wants a tutorial on how I actually figured out spacing and put everything up without a zillion holes in the wall (I have exactly 1 extra hole on the whole wall– go me!) please let me know. But since I am just following in the footsteps of those like Young House Love and Love and Renovations, I kind of assume most people know the “secrets” at this point!

Total cost for this project: estimated $40-ish

1 can spray paint for frames – $5
Online order of photos – $6
2 prints made from kinkos – $6
Glass from Lowes – $6
Metal Print – $7 (just the shipping cost, although I would’ve gotten it gallery wall or not)
Mat- Estimating about $10 but I’m not sure

So totally cheap, and could be even cheaper if I didn’t have to buy a custom mat and frame for the one print.

Anyone else doing any super cheap but big-impact projects?


4 thoughts on “Gallery Wall Done!

  1. Looks fantastic! For what it’s worth I really like the wrapping paper mat, the pattern looks really cool with the print.

  2. Thank you both!!

    @amanda- Eh, it looks okay in the photo but in person it looks kind of weird. It is too thin (so you can kind of see through it) and it is a little bunchy.

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