Weekend round-up

Well, I had an awesome weekend. I am sad it is over. A perfect mix of getting shit done, shopping, and relaxing. But, I’ll limit the post to (mostly) home-related stuff.

First, I got the furniture in my new office moved around! Most importantly, we got the decorating closet cleaned out and moved the futon to the extra bedroom. Which left room to move the sewing table and get my desk moved to the corner I wanted it in. Here is a sneak-peak (via iPhone)

There is still lots of work to be done before this room would be “done”, including (in rough order of what I plan to do):
– Paint a bookcase white and add small file cabinet (in white? Not sure)
– Paint the room grey
– Add artwork to the walls
– Switch out the overhead light for something more interesting
– Add fun drapes

But, before I go to all that time I think I want to work in the office for a week or two to make sure it is something I’ll actually prefer. My current idea for a color palette, though, is something like this:

Grey walls, white accents in the woodwork and maybe the other furniture. Pops of teal with the desk and some accessories, and then I’m think maybe a TINY bit of pink throughout. It is a color I’ve never used anywhere before, but I’m kind of loving hot pink right now in very small doses.

Unfortunately, to get this room cleared out, it meant we had to move a lot of stuff to the spare bedroom. Which currently looks like this. Ooophf.

So… that’s on the to-do list.

In other home-related news, we headed to the outlet mall today and came thisclose to buying new lighting for our “breakfast nook” (i.e. the random little table in our kitchen). The light that is there now isn’t terrible. It is just builder-standard-boring. And there are certain things about a house that I think make a really big impact in terms of making it feel like “home,” and making it feel polished/expensive. The number one item, probably, is the flooring. Wood flooring automatically makes any space look about 10x better. At least. But, wood flooring is just not going to happen for us for a while, so I need to think more creatively. The second thing I think is having the walls painted (non-tan). We’ve got that done. The third is lighting. Everyone can spot a builder-grade light from 10 miles away. Bor-ing. The only photo I have of it is actually this old shot pre-backsplash, but you get the idea.

So, when we were walking through the pottery barn outlet and saw a section of chandeliers, I got super excited. The first one that caught my eye was this one, which is actually the Cluster Glass Pendant from West Elm (apparently they are associated with Pottery Barn).

It was marked down from $199 to $80! And then soon after I saw the (somewhat ubiquitous at this point, but I still love it) Capiz Pendant from Pottery Barn.

Swoon. $199 marked down to $99. After a quick pow-wow with B, we decided we liked them both for completely different reasons, but we both preferred the Capiz Pendant.

But then. B noticed that this chandelier actually cannot be hardwired into the ceiling. It has a PLUG. You are supposed to just plug it in and run the cord up the wall and over the ceiling, I guess? Bleh. Does not seem very polished looking to me, and the people at Pottery Barn confirmed this was not meant to be hardwired. So lame. And at that point, we really liked that pendant so much better than the other, that we didn’t really want to settle for that either.

So we are still on the hunt, but luckily this is really not a top priority right now. Just something we are casually looking for if we see anything we love.

Also, I decided on today’s trip that my love of teal has really bled into all areas of my life right now because I ALMOST bought this purse at Kate Spade, until I decided I’m really just not a patent leather person.

Oh well. So that was pretty much my productiveness this weekend. What do you think of the color palette? And what about the file cabinet for the office? I think leaving it wood would look weird, right? But would teal be TOO MUCH teal? Should I just go with white? I’m having a hard time deciding. Weigh in below!


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