It’s not Right and Left. It’s Right and Wrong.

I try mostly to keep my politics off the blog. Mostly because I spend enough time talking about it in real life that I don’t really need to write about it here too.

But I don’t hide from it either because it is who I am. I’m not one of those “I don’t want to offend anyone so I’ll keep my mouth shut” people… because well… if you’re going to be offended by my believing in women’s rights and equality for all then you can just be offended.

A big reason I enjoy writing here is for myself, to look back later and see what was going on in my life at a given time, some things are important enough to mention. So what’s that thing today? Sorry folks… I’m weighing in on the Chick-fil-A drama.

What frustrates me most are the people who call those of us who are outraged intolerant. Hm.

In my opinion, this should not even be a political issue. It shouldn’t be republicans vs. democrats or Christians v. atheists. It’s a civil rights issue. It is on par with women being able to vote and interracial marriage. The fact that there is even a question on this issue offends me. If your religion requires you to be bigoted, fine. But don’t try to impose your skewed “morals” on the rest of us via secular law. (And for the record, I am a Christian and I don’t believe our religion requires that at all).

But this guy says it a lot better than me. I’ve read countless articles in the last week about this, but his was by far my favorite because it cuts through a lot of the bullshit arguments right up front (such as freedom of speech, which is a complete non-issue). My favorite quote:

All your life, you’re told to stand up to bullies, but when WE do it, we’re told WE are the ones being intolerant? Well, okay. Yes. I refuse to tolerate getting my ass kicked. “Guilty as charged.”

The only issue it does not address is the current debate in my house (and really, the most valid argument I’ve heard for not boycotting). My husband, along with many others, say that while they disagree with their money being funneled through CFA to anti-gay groups, there are so MANY companies that donate to similar groups it is just impossible to avoid them all. So, why bother.

Well.. they’re right. Unfortunately a ton of big businesses do donate to similar groups. It would be impossible (or at least very very challenging) to avoid them ALL. But, I’m in favor of doing what we can. It’s just not that hard to avoid Chick-fil-A. Particularly because it has become a symbol of this polarizing argument. I stand with those who demand equality, and I do it publicly and proudly.


3 thoughts on “It’s not Right and Left. It’s Right and Wrong.

  1. Ugh, this issue is so ridiculous to me. I am a Christian and I think it’s absolutely insane that anyone would ever try to push their beliefs onto other people. I’m not going to boycott CFA because, like your husband said, it’s impossible to boycott everyone who promotes anti-gay groups, but I find it appalling that anyone would actively support them for saying that. It’s all just ridiculous.

  2. You are so right. I agree with everything you’ve said – now if only there were more people in the world like you and I it would a much happier and loving planet!

  3. Well said! I loved that article it was such a wonderful perspective. While I agree with your husband on some level, I do think this whole debacle has caused me to take a good hard look at where my money is going and what it is contributing to.

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