Quick Tip: Love Google

Super quick tip here that I assume everyone already knows… but just in case not I wanted to share.

I LOVE shopping online. No crowds, no parking, better deals usually, AND I get packages sent to my door. Which I love. (Best part of being engaged was all the mail… RSVPs and wedding gifts? Seriously awesome). Anyways.

The only thing I hate about shopping online is paying for shipping. It is usually way overpriced and offends my sense of frugality. Which is why I generally love amazon.com and will often buy one extra item just to get free shipping if necessary (yea I know… that’s how they get ya).

But one thing I always ALWAYS do before I check out is google for a coupon code. It doesn’t always work, but I’d say at least 1/3 of the time it does. Sometimes it is a really awesome coupon like 30% off. Sometimes it is just free shipping (but hey– that is like $7 saved right there!).

Example. I just bought these.

Please don’t judge me too harshly for buying crocs. I swore I never would, but I’ve heard they are SUPER comfortable, and they don’t look like crocs really, and I am on the hunt for comfy flats for Disney next month, AND they were on sale. (Yes, I need that many justifications to buy crocs).

I put them in my cart and when I got to the check-out page I just googled “crocs coupon code.” The first link was to a page on retailmenot.com, and what do you know…

Score. So I got my crocs (cringe) on sale for $10 cheaper than the same pair on zappos.com (I always comparison shop), AND free shipping. Happy!

So there is my tip. Don’t forget to google before clicking purchase!


3 thoughts on “Quick Tip: Love Google

  1. Yes! I always do that and I’ve saved so much money from doing so! If I remember, I also always try to click over to the site from Ebates, if they’re affiliated. I don’t shop online much anymore, but when I did I managed so save quite a bit of money that way!

  2. Just an endorsement, I bought those exact crocs (I always said I would never buy a pair as well!) for Disney this year and they were awesome for walking around.

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