17 shades of grey…

Don’t worry, this won’t be about the book. It sucked.

This is about something much more fun— office painting! Okay, so the actual painting of the office wasn’t super fun, but having it painted is awesome and totally worth the work.

Remember what I was working with before? Plain builder-standard cream. Boring boring boring.

So I decided to paint the room grey to give it that soft/neutral/but-not-too-boring look. Seemed easy enough. Grey is grey, right?

Apparently not.

My first trip through the Lowes’ paint section left me feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Starting in the top left and moving clockwise, these are from Valspar, Allen + Roth, Eddie Bauer, and Ralph Lauren. I had no idea there were so many various shades of “kinda medium light-ish grey.”

The one that first caught my eye was the Vintage Gray, and I was quick to get a test pot from Lowes to try it out.

I waffled a bit, but ultimately decided this was too dark. I was starting to get nervous about picking the right color, and I remembered that Young House Love just painted their bedroom grey and it looked fabulous. So I checked out their paint color listings and found they used Rockport Gray by Benjamin Moore.


So, off I went to a local paint shop that carries Benjamin Moore, and I was a bit shocked to find that the Rockport Gray sample card looked NOTHING like I expected. It is actually closer to taupe than grey, in my humble opinion. This is it, on the bottom left. I didn’t love it in person so I picked up a few other cards, also pictured below.

Then I sat in my car for a while staring at all the sample cards I’d collected and finally made a decision. Granite Dust by Valspar. Not too brown. Not too blue. Not too dark. Not too light. It was the goldilocks of grey, Just right. (I hoped).

I was already at the local store, and I do like to support local when I can so I had them color match the color to two gallons of Benjamin Moore paint (the cheapest one they had, by the way!).

This shows my first instinct (Vintage Gray), YHL’s bedroom color (Rockport Gray), and my ultimate choice (Granite Dust) for comparison.

And thus, my shade of grey was chosen! Then came the work. Painting a room is never exactly fun, but luckily it goes pretty fast. In total (from beginning to move the furniture to completing clean-up) it took 4.5 hours. And three hours of this was edging, which I did alone because I don’t like to tape anything but the ceiling before edging and I have a bit of a more experienced/steady hand than B. If I’d let him help we probably could’ve cut the total time down by at least an hour.

Anyways, enough about progress, how about some show and tell?! Here is the before again, for maximum dramatic effect.

And drumroll please… AFTER!

This one shows the actual color the best, I think.

Love it!! So does Stew.

The only question left is whether to stripe the back wall. I saw this photo on pinterest the other day, and of course I loved it.

But I wonder if it might be too bold for the space, and I should just leave well enough alone and put some artwork up? I might try to get some art on the walls and get the other furniture moved in/painted first and see how I feel about the stripes after everything else is done.

Anyone else painting recently? Don’t you love what a quick and cheap room make-over it is?!


6 thoughts on “17 shades of grey…

  1. Love it! Definitely makes the desk pop. I think the stripes would look cool but I think hanging some art and situating the room first would be a good idea.

  2. I love the color, would you please tell me the name and where you actually bought it. I’m on a very low low budget, I actually had my colors picked out from a magazine. The colors were by Benjamin Moore. (Moody Grey) for all my bedrooms. kitchen (Beige) Living room (Tan) still haven’t decided on bathroom colors.. probably will take me another 3yrs to decide.

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