Inconsistency. And Goal setting.

I have to be one of the most inconsistent bloggers ever. I disappear for months, then I post almost daily, then just randomly… I don’t know how regular posters keep up that kind of schedule! Anyways, I am alive, and I’m not disappearing again for months. Cross my heart.

I’ve just been busy.

But not with fun home stuff, really. Well, I did buy some cute curtains for the office but I haven’t gotten around to hanging the curtain rod yet. It’s on my list for this week, I hope!

Otherwise though, life has just kept me hopping! My (real) job has been pretty busy and I’ve been uncharacteristically busy on weekends. Two weekends ago B and I declared a moratorium on lazy (because it was our last free weekend for a while) and did putt-putting, batting cages, badmitten, and a bonfire with some friends.

This past weekend I second-shot a wedding in Cincinnati which meant a 14 hour day (and a subsequent and thoroughly needed “day of rest” yesterday!). Next weekend I’m flying to St. Louis to second-shoot a wedding for a different photographer. The weekend after we are headed to Florida for a week of fun in the sun at Disney!


Luckily though, it is all good things. And maybe best among them? All of the photography I’ve gotten to do this year! So far I’ve done three weddings and five portrait sessions, with one more wedding and two more portrait sessions planned for the next few months. This is leaps and bounds better than last year when I did three weddings (one of which I was not paid for and just tagged along at) and two portrait sessions.

I’ve also invested in my growing business by buying myself a much-needed camera upgrade, and starting to update my business facebook page and blog much more regularly (lack of anonymity alert: don’t stalk me)(unless it is to tell me that my pictures are pretty. then stalk away). This feels like a huge step for me, and is helping me to see clearly what my next goals are.

The biggest one: Book my first solo wedding.

It’s funny because when I first started dipping a toe into the water of a photography business, I was quite unsure I even wanted to do wedding photography. It seemed too hard, like way too much pressure, and I was just overwhelmed by the idea of it. But second shooting has given me so much great experience and confidence, I totally feel now like… Hey. I got this.

The tricky part is convincing someone else to trust you with their wedding when you’ve never shot solo before! I put the word out there that I’m going to be doing free engagement sessions for local couples in the hopes that someone will fall in love with their photos and book me for their wedding. Plus, I’m offering 50% off to the first bride that books me, so honestly I’m a steal haha. Let’s just hope someone else thinks so!

Regardless though, it just feels good to be… moving. Setting goals. Keeping busy. Unfortunately that means less time for home improvement and probably less updates around these parts, but I’ll do my level best to still post at least once per week and not just disappear for six months like I’ve done in the past.

Anyone else embarking on new and scary adventures?

p.s. I am looking for a web designer to give my photography page a make-over. My budget is low, so someone just starting out would be ideal. If anyone has any contacts or friends who free-lance, please pass along the info!


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