Croc convert

Bonus double-post today because I had a quick update I was just reminded about. About a month ago I mentioned that I bought a pair of crocs online. I was cringing because they were crocs, which is like what soccer moms wear. But they looked cute and I really needed some comfy shoes for Disney.

Verdict? LOVE THEM.

I tested them out the two weekends before Disney by wearing them for two weddings I shot. The first had me on my feet for about 9 hours and the second one 10. Both times my feet didn’t hurt at ALL which is very rare for me (I blame having a mostly sedentary job, when I was a server I could wear just about any shoes for 12-16 hours and be fine but now my feet inevitably hurt at the 6 hour mark).

But still, Disney was the test. We did about 5 hours of wandering around on Friday night, 13 hours in the parks on Saturday, and 13 hours on Sunday. That is a LOT of walking around! But my feet really didn’t even start to hurt until around dinner time on Sunday. Even then, after sitting down to dinner for an hour or so I was ready to get up and keep walking around the rest of the evening.

So I’m calling myself an official crocs convert. I’m not sure I’m ready to run out and buy the classic version quite yet, but I will definitely be adding these shoes to my favorites pile and will be shopping at crocs first the next time I need some super comfy shoes!


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