Disney Hotels

Okay– so one more not-so-glowing post then I’ll get to the good stuff (the actual Disney’ing!).

We had the chance to stay at two different hotels while at Disney. The reason we did that was because B’s work had booked us at the Yacht club for the three nights surrounding his conference. The room we were booked for (a standard room with Lagoon view) was running for $465/night for the two extra nights we were staying… so obviously we wanted to find a cheaper option.

Disney divides its resorts into three categories: Value, Moderate, and Deluxe. Deluxe was basically more than we wanted to pay, but we knew that the Value resorts were the haven of families with a lot of kids. Moderate resorts it was!

Based on its proximity to Animal Kingdom and the fact that B hadn’t stayed there before (and wanted to try something new), we decided on Coronado Springs. Standard rate for the room was $179/night although we were able to book through expedia.com for $158/night.

I’ll cut to the chase. I really didn’t like this hotel. The resort was huuuuuuuge. There is a central area where you check in with restaurants and whatnot, then separate buildings spread out around a 15 acre lake. To get from check-in to our room was over half a mile walk (literally) through the grounds with no shade, with our bags, and with no offer of anyone to help us there. We never even checked out the restaurants or anything else in the central building because after walking around during the day the last thing we wanted to do was walk another mile+ round trip.

Not only that but the room was… unimpressive. Just really old seeming and not super clean. It reminded me of a not-super-well-maintained best western. I mean, I guess it was not super expensive so what did we expect? Except being the “mid level” resort I thought it would be nicer. At least clean and comfortable. But anyways– I was super glad to get out of there after two nights.

Next up was Yacht Club. I was SUPER excited to stay at this hotel because being that it was so expensive I’d figure it would be really nice (and I really like really nice hotels!!). And I will say, Disney is great when it comes to moving hotels. We were able to call a bell person at Coronado Springs to grab our bags before we left for the day Sunday and they transferred them to Yacht Club for us while we were at the parks. That was super convenient and made our day so much easier knowing that we just had to show up at Yacht Club and our stuff would be there waiting.

Yacht Club hotel was more like a traditional hotel, all in one building, and it was super pretty. The lobby was gorgeous and they had a ton of people just standing around waiting to help you with anything you needed. Big score there. My very favorite thing about the hotel though was our view. We had a small balcony looking out over the lagoon (a balcony with a view is my FAVORITE thing to have on vacation because I love hanging out there and reading).

The room stuck to the theme well.. very nautical. Ahoy matey.

(Note: At Disney 2 queen beds seems to be the default. I guess it makes sense since it is geared towards families. Not my favorite but not a big deal)

The bathroom area had the sinks in a separate nook which was kind of nice (and had two sinks instead of the 1 at Coronado Springs).

But… the bathroom. On the plus side, it had nice finishes like white marble on the floors and tub surround. Plus it was clean! But it was the exact same TINY size as the one Coronado Springs. Like, when the door swung open it almost hit the toilet small. Like, had to almost stand in the tub to open the bathroom door small.

More surprising to me was just the lack of attention to detail/oldness. Like chipping paint on doors, super old doorknobs, or really dirty/gross outlets:

Maybe that is totally petty. It probably is, I guess. But #1- This is a really expensive hotel so wouldn’t you think it’d be really nice top to bottom? And #2- Little stuff like that always makes me a little concerned about over-all cleanliness/upkeep.

I mean, over all I liked Yacht Club. The bathroom was clean, we had a great balcony with a view, the room was relatively comfortable, and the staff was really nice. The problem, I guess, is that it is kind of the bare minimum for what I expect in a hotel for vacation. And it is f*(&cking EXPENSIVE! If it was $200 or $250 a night even I’d not have too much to say about it. It would seem like a standard mid-priced hotel room and it’d be fine. But due to the price, I just expect more. A lot more.

Maybe the problem is that I’ve been spoiled. As I’ve mentioned before, we stayed in an amazing and spacious (and super reasonably priced) resort in Mexico that I loved. It had a ton of room, a balcony with Ocean view, free beverages, and luxury linens on a King bed. For a fraction of the price. We stayed in a resort in Hawaii… again with a spacious and beautiful (and clean) bathroom, king bed with nice linens, balcony and ocean view… for a fraction of the price. We also got the chance to stay in the St. Regis in Atlanta for a wedding we were attending (where the normal room rate was about what Yacht Club’s is) and it was amazzzzing. True luxury.

So yea… I was just surprised. And kind of bummed out that seemingly the only option for staying at Disney if I want to feel comfortable would run us over $450/night. But it is what it is, and I’m at least grateful that I did like Yacht Club and was comfortable staying there the last few days of our stay (and that we didn’t have to pay for it haha)

Next up (finally!!!!!) the what-we-did!


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