What have I been up to?

Well, not a whole hell of a lot.

That’s not entirely true. I’ve been busy. We started a trial a few weeks ago in my “real job” and the prep for that (and actually attending it) has kept me pretty busy during business hours. And on nights and weekends I’ve really been working my butt off to make a go of this photography thing. I’ve done four photo shoots in the last five weeks and also booked my first solo wedding!! And it has been awesome. It also means that I need to get serious about stuff like… the business side of things. Which is harder than anticipated, but I’m getting the hang of it.

It hasn’t left a whole lot of time for home stuff which is why I haven’t had anything to say around these parts. So, rather than try to cobble together a cohesive post, I think I’ll just do a brain dump of randomness:

1) It is October! That means scary movie Fridays every week, which is my favorite. Although we haven’t actually watched any movies that really SCARED me yet. I’m hopeful for this coming week.

2) Have you ever made real popcorn? Like, from kernels? I never had until a few weeks ago and it is AWESOME. So easy to make too. Just heat some oil in a (deep) pan on the stove top, add a single layer of popcorn, put a top on, and shake periodically. The popcorn will pop and when it slows down remove it from the heat. Then dump into a bowl and throw some butter to melt in the already-hot pan. It takes MAYBE 2 minutes longer to make than the microwave kind and it tastes way better. Plus, no scary chemicals. And, much cheaper. Highly recommended.


3) I got the new iphone 5. It kinda rocks.

4) My friend was serving hot chocolate with Bailey’s in it at a bonfire we went to last night. Relatedly, I have rekindled my love of Bailey’s.

5) Someone asked me how old I was yesterday. Took me a good 10 seconds to remember. (Also? It has been a long time since anyone asked me how old I was).

6) A three month old child WILL fit inside a pumpkin. Although he may not be happy about it.


7) An eight year old corgi WILL NOT fit inside a pumpkin. And will be no more excited about the situation.


8) It is time for bed.

Night all! I hope your Monday does not suck.


This vs. That

I worked on photo stuff for around 3 or 4 hours last night before I went to bed. And this morning? Maybe it’s been about 2 hours since I woke up and that is all I’ve done since then. But I’m not sure. I didn’t think to look at a clock. It didn’t really matter.

Something occurred to me as I was sitting here working this morning, a study in contrasts if you will.

When I work on law stuff, i.e. my “real job” I am always looking at the clock. I make deals with myself. “Okay, work for just 30 more minutes and then you can go check your blog reader/facebook/insert-whatever-here.”

When I work on photo stuff, I loose track of time. And the deals I make sound more like “Woah it is 11am already? Um… okay well just let me do one more thing and I promise I’ll stop.”

I really hope I can make this work. And that it’s always this much fun.