This vs. That

I worked on photo stuff for around 3 or 4 hours last night before I went to bed. And this morning? Maybe it’s been about 2 hours since I woke up and that is all I’ve done since then. But I’m not sure. I didn’t think to look at a clock. It didn’t really matter.

Something occurred to me as I was sitting here working this morning, a study in contrasts if you will.

When I work on law stuff, i.e. my “real job” I am always looking at the clock. I make deals with myself. “Okay, work for just 30 more minutes and then you can go check your blog reader/facebook/insert-whatever-here.”

When I work on photo stuff, I loose track of time. And the deals I make sound more like “Woah it is 11am already? Um… okay well just let me do one more thing and I promise I’ll stop.”

I really hope I can make this work. And that it’s always this much fun.


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