As I’ve said before… it is never a good sign when you head to wordpress to blog and you have to log in because it has been so long that your cookies forgot where you were.

I thought I wasn’t blogging because I was busy. Which, I was. But it has just occurred to me that I wasn’t blogging because I was uninspired. Not just uninspired to blog, but uninspired to do anything. Except I didn’t even realize it until just now. That I’ve spent the past 2+ months in just a bit of a daze. I think that happens sometimes. You don’t even realizing what you’re missing until you start to find it again.

So what has my uninspired-ness led to? Nothing.

I didn’t really decorate my  house for Thanksgiving, even though we hosted it.

I didn’t bake a single item for Christmas.

I did no Christmas crafts.

I did no homemade gifts.

We didn’t haven’t really done anything new or interesting or even really tried to be interesting.

And not because I was upset about anything or feeling unhappy. I felt fine. The holidays were still great, we spent a lot of time with our families and also got some time to hang out with great friends. I think, now, I just didn’t have the space or energy for creativity and I gave myself a few months to just… float. Which is fine. Although considering that it is January I should probably fight the apathy enough to take the Indian Corn from pre-Halloween off our front door, eh?

Hopefully that will be the first step back. I’m starting to want to do things again. I’ve read a book and a half in the last week, I’ve browsed pinterest. I’m 3/4 of the way through crocheting an afghan. Plus, I got the Young House Love book for Christmas so if that doesn’t jump start my creativity I’d probably be hopeless!

I’m not sure how much time I’ll have for the “doing stuff” coming up because unfortunately my schedule is no less crazy now than it has been the last several months. It is currently 11:35 pm and I’m waiting for my boss to send me an attachment to a brief I worked on through the weekend on (and right up until about 30 min ago actually). Because, ya know, it’s not technically due until 11:59pm tonight. So why rush things?  Add to that at least 3 days of mediation in the next two weeks and an (out of town) trial the week after that, plus two photo gigs (love! but still time), and a weekend at my parents house all in the next month… yea. (And then Valentines day, B’s birthday, and our anniversary in quick succession).

But my goal is going to be at least one or two posts a week through February and then maybe (hopefully?) I’ll have a bit of a break on work and more time/energy to devote to fun stuff nights and weekends.

And hey— this totally counts as a post right? I’m at least half set for the next week!



2 thoughts on “Uninspired.

  1. This totally counts as a post. And even though you said you didn’t do any homemade gifts, I *still* want to know what ever happened to the vanilla extract!!! 🙂

  2. Gah anna.. for some reason i thought i facebook’ed you about that but i guess not. I DID do that, although it was really just an add-on not a real gift. I’ll take a photo of the one i kept for me and do an update soon. promise!!

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