The state of things.

Big declaration about posting at least once a week, and then I fail to write a single damn thing for two weeks. Typical, eh?

I actually meant to post last week. I really did. Last Thursday (I think?) I decided to pick up my camera and take a photo inventory of my house as-is. Both to show the current state of the house and also to focus on some specific areas that need some help, and also because I was too lazy to clean up before taking photos. As evidenced by the fact that I then uploaded my photos and kinda forgot about them until today… oh well.

So here we go. The state of things. And ideas for the future.

This is a random plastic elephant I got at target for $2.50 around Thanksgiving. I thought it was cute and I had dreams of painting it all YHL-style and it being awesome.


I decided to paint it silver because I thought it would look like metal. But it kind of…. doesn’t. I think it has too much texture. So now I’m considering covering it in rose gold glitter. Thoughts?


Where he is currently hanging out. I’m also accepting suggestions for names.



Random and semi-blurry picture of Milo. He was just making a funny face. I’m getting to the house stuff. Promise.



So this is the whole mantel right now. I feel like I suck at decorating. I like each item on the mantel separately. I especially love the white ceramic owl and the bright orange flowers. But all together… it’s weird. Especially with there being 3 animals right in a row on the left side. It looks like a really odd parade. I need help with mantel ideas.



This is our bedroom. We have still never put anything behind the bed because it is such a big space and the wall is so oddly shaped. Plus I think our lampshades are too small. So maybe bigger lamp shades and something behind the bed? Also, I’m kind of considering floating book shelves on the wall to the left of this photo.



This book case. I got it for $20 at target 2 houses ago and it rocks back and forth when you walk up the stairs because it is in such poor shape and so over-loaded. I actually filled up two large bags of books this morning to try to sell/donate and it is still over-full. I think we need a more sturdy book case in the same basic shape here.



This wall in the loft. So bare! I have considered stenciling it (but don’t want to pay the $50 for a stencil). Or maybe just hanging some big art there. I guess I have trouble getting motivated to spend money on it because it is so rarely seen. But every time I go upstairs to do laundry it stares at me accusingly for neglecting it.



The guest room. I had such a great start and then just stopped! I need to hem the curtains. I need to make a slip-cover for the chaise. I need to hang something (anything!) on the walls. I’m really bad at hanging things on the walls.



Again with the bare walls.



My office has gotten unwieldily. We used it for storing Christmas gifts and it just got really messy. I need to clean it and get some stuff up on the walls!




Our extra room. What a mess!! I don’t even know what we’re doing with this room, but mostly we could just really use to clean it.


The dining room. This room is fine. We could leave the room as-is and I’m okay with it… but I don’t really love it. I would love to do some wainscoting in this room. (Also, I didn’t notice until after I took the photo that I forgot to take down the fall leaves on the chandelier…. since November. Ooops). Speaking of the chandelier, I’d love to get a much bigger rectangular shaped one.



The man cave. I’m actually pretty happy with the man cave. My only real issue with this side of the room is that its all brown. Brown brown brown. My husband had his heart set on this dark brown leather couch and he likes real wood (not painted) furniture when possible. That’s all fine and good except if I’d known that I would’ve steered him away from brown walls. I think we really need to paint this something contrasting. I’m thinking maybe the same light grey from my office, if I can talk him into it.






This nook is a different story. It has sat empty since we moved in 3 years ago. ¬†Originally B wanted to put a nice poker table here, but those are EXPENSIVE. And just not anywhere close to a priority. So we just don’t know what to do with this space. Right now it is kinda the cat-zone. Which I’d actually be fine with making it a REAL cat zone and do a built in cat tree and shelves for food and such… but B is not giving up hope we’ll figure out something manly to do with the space. So there it sits, empty.



So there you have it. Our house. As it stands at the moment. Far from finished and begging for improvement every day. I am going to try my best to get on top of some of these projects… and maybe even remember to tell you about it along the way.


2 thoughts on “The state of things.

  1. Thank you! I do think that a big part of the problem is that the nook is in the space designated as “man cave” upon our purchase of the house. We decided that because we would have two living rooms and it seemed fine to let my husband have his space to man-ify and then he’d leave me to decorate the rest of the house and it would be great. And mostly it is. Especially because he got all the good stuff for the man cave that I consider a bit ugly but actually really enjoy (like the overstuffed leather couch and a monstrous tv and lots of games). So it is an area that I get to enjoy on a nightly basis (this is now where we spend most of our time) but we still call it the man cave and give him final decorating decisions because it is technically “his space” and also kind of nice that I can shrug off the ugly but awesome stuff in a “well its my husband’s man-cave so….” kind of way.

    But it only is unfortunate in regards to the nook because my husband wants it to still be manly. And he doesn’t like books. (I know). If it were more mine to do anything I wished with, I would probably turn the whole thing into a mini library with built-in shelves around the two sides and some sort of comfy seating… but I don’t think he would approve!

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