In which I am entirely hypocritical.

Here are examples of things that annoy me on Facebook: 

1) “Waiting on some news that could change my life today!”

Really? What is it? Oh you don’t want to tell anyone? SO GLAD YOU SHARED IT ON FACEBOOK THEN. 


2) “Spending Saturday night home alone watching MTV. I wish I had someone to go out with but the world is full of LIARS and no one likes a nice honest person anymore so I guess I’ll just die alone because everyone hates me.” 

…. Okay? What combination of pathetic and angry do you think is going to change your situation? And what response do you want people to have to this? Fishing for sympathy and/or compliments is why you’re alone.


3) “Taking a shower!” “Eating breakfast!” “Driving to work, zomg traffic lol” “Lunch timeeeee” etc

Facebook is neither your AIM status circa 1999, nor is it twitter. I don’t need live updates of every. single. thing. you do all day. 


4) Anything Republican. #sorrynotsorry


5) But here’s the thing. And why I’m super hypocritical, apparently. The people that annoy me more than any other person are the ones who are so self-righteous about what other people are posting on Facebook. Examples of things the haters hate: 

– People commenting on the weather. “We all have windows people!”

– People who write sad status updates “Take your pity party elsewhere!”

– People who write happy status updates “Oh you’re life is SO AWESOME right?”

– People who post anything about their kids “Lameeee!”

– People who post anything about their pets “Pathetic!”

– People who post anything political “Slactivists!”

– People who post cutesy announcements about getting engaged, married, or pregnant “Attention whores!” 

Which just makes me wonder what they think people SHOULD post on Facebook then? But I suspect the answer is “nothing” because mostly all they seem to post about is how much other people suck. Hm. 


So yea. There is no real point to this post. But damn if it didn’t feel good to get that off my chest.



3 thoughts on “In which I am entirely hypocritical.

  1. I’m with you on so many of these! The one that gets me most is this high school acquaintance of mine who posts PARAGRAPH status updates without ANY punctuation whatsoever. Not a period or apostrophe in sight! UGH!

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