New hobby… my further descent into old-lady-hood

I tend to share a lot of hobbies with my grandmother. As though the quilting wasn’t bad enough, I’ve now taken up crochet. It started innocently enough. A friend of mine on Facebook (hi Anna!) posted a photo of some pot holders she was crocheting for Christmas and all the yarn was so pretty that I got inspired to make a scarf. She recommended this book, and onto the Christmas list it went. 

Image(link to purchase on amazon)

Anything called the Happy Hooker can’t be bad right? My mother in law got me the book along with a small needle and one skein of yarn as part of my Christmas gifts, and by the evening of Christmas I’d already learned the five basic stitches of crochet! I was just shocked at how easy it was, and how addicting/soothing that repetitive motion is when you’re doing something mindless like watching tv. 

Once I got to my parents house, my mom reminded me of a crochet pattern she had done for an afghan a few years ago and assured me that it was very easy and great first real project. Eight skeins of yarn later….


It’s safe to say I was hooked. (pun intended). 

But it hasn’t all been sunshine and roses. I immediately started looking for inspiration for my next project and pinned this scarf, which looked easy enough to me. 


(etsy link)

Then a friend saw my pin and asked if I could make it for her, project accepted! The maker of the scarf doesn’t sell her pattern so I knew I’d have to just look at it and wing it, but it really just didn’t look that hard to me. Hahahhaa. 

***Brief interlude to apologize both for the domination of iphone photos in this post, and for the embarrassing myspace-esc selfies of myself in the mirror as model. Forgive me.***

Attempt #1 was all kinds of wrong. I used a wool blend yarn that was HEAVY. Aside from the fact that I made it a bit too big, it was very heavy (two full skeins, so 12 oz, or almost a full pound of scarf around your neck) and it just didn’t drape at all due to stiffness.Image

I think it looks better in the photo than it did in real life, but I spent a lot of time arranging it to try to get it to look somewhat right. You’ll have to trust me that this was both way too heavy to wear and also prone to looking wonky at a slight movement. 

Attempt #2 was better…. but still not quite right. I used a much softer and lighter yarn and it definitely draped a lot better than the first one. But it was really TOO limp I thought. It just didn’t have that “chunky scarf” feel of the first one. 



But at this point I was frustrated. I just couldn’t figure out how to get a happy medium and I was out of ideas. I was ready to give up and call it good enough. 

I started on my next (and easier) project on my list— a scarf for myself. I just wanted a scrunchy thick infinity scarf and so I sat down to try out a few different stitches and see what I liked best. I figured out the one I liked best and got to work, which resulted in this gorgeous scarf that I’m seriously in love with (and which took me less than 2 hours). 



I then realized that this stitch would work WAY better for the first scarf and got to work on Attempt #3 which….


Much better! Still not 100% exact to the inspiration photo, but I feel it is a close approximation and gives the same chunky scarf feel without being overly heavy and uncomfortable. I’m shipping it off tomorrow and calling it a WIN. 

And now? Obviously I’m looking for my next project! I wasn’t kidding about this being addicting, I seriously can’t get enough of it right now and I’m so excited to find more fun things to crochet. I think my next project may be a simple crocheted pillow cover. Just something simple and textural like this, although I haven’t decided what kind of stitch I’ll use yet. 



And after that? Maybe a crochet basket! It would’ve never occurred to me to use crochet to make something 3D, but I think these are adorable and I could totally use them around my house. 



Any other awesome crochet patterns I should consider? Anyone else have a new hobby obsession?







One thought on “New hobby… my further descent into old-lady-hood

  1. This is a lesson in “Anna needs to remember to comment as soon as she reads a post or she’ll forget and possibly never come back…” I read this post when you first put it up, but didn’t have time to comment and now here we are days later…

    Hi ma’am! (We’re old crocheting happy hookers now, so that makes us ma’am). And just to set the record straight, they were dish cloths, not potholders. But, basically the same freaking thing. And I made about a zillion of them and just last night got some requests for more from a recipient and her neighbor. So, booyah to that. Etsy shop with me? LOL

    Anyway, glad you found a fun hobby and that we get to share our successes and failures with each other. I think if you want to try another afghan, you should totally try a chevron/ripple/v-stitch/wave pattern. Not so difficult and oh so pretty. And while you’re at it, I’ll take a gray and white chevron afghan, mmmkay? 🙂

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