I Love Google, Pt. 2

I wrote a little PSA back in August about being sure to google for coupon codes before buying clicking that little “buy” button when you’re shopping online. That still holds true but I wanted to amend today to expand my PSA and suggest you try buying more online, when possible.

I don’t always think of doing it, but sometimes I’m reminded how awesome online shopping is. And sometimes it works out so well I just have to share.

Remember Milo?



How could you forget, really. As has been wellchronicled, he has had some serious health problems in the last year. Two attacks and thousands in medications and vet visits later, we have thankfully figured out a mix of meds that is working great for him (knock on wood). His blood levels have been holding steady and he’s been doing really well except…. he hasn’t really wanted to eat much. I don’t know if it is the meds messing with him (probably) or what, but ever since he’s been on the latest medication he hadn’t finished a bowl of food. We tried a few different kinds and it wasn’t getting better. He lost two pounds, which is a lot for a cat.

So Brian went to the pet store and picked three more cat foods and we did a cat taste test over a series of days to see if he liked any of them. And he did! Hallelujah he loved one of the foods and scarfed it right down. Problem solved!

Except, as you’d expect with my lovely (and shockingly expensive considering that he was free) cat, the food he liked costs $18.99 per 3 lb bag (which lasts 2 weeks) at the pet store. So now we were paying just over $40/month with tax for his food. Ugh.

Then I was struck with genius (or um, common sense. Whatever). Google it! I found this random pet website that I’d not heard of before selling the 3 lb bag for 16.99 (no tax), and I can EITHER take 15% off my order OR get free shipping on my order of $49 or more. Good, but not great. So I continue going through the list of hits and find a different online pet store selling the same food for 15.99 (no tax), 15% off my order placed today AND free shipping. That’s more like it. Plus, I’m greedy so I googled again to see if I could find any coupon codes for that website and what do you know… the first hit was a coupon forum where someone posted just this past weekend that she’d gotten a referral code that could be used unlimited times where the referee (me) got an additional 10% off their order and the referrer got $10 donated to a local pet shelter in their account name or whatever. Win and win.

So I ordered 4 bags of the food (to get over $49), got my 15% off, my 10% off, and my free shipping.

Grand total? $48.93 for FOUR bags and it will be here by Friday.

Total I would’ve paid for the exact same bags at the pet store? $81.09.

Savings? $32.16 or 40% off retail price. Love!


2 thoughts on “I Love Google, Pt. 2

  1. My husband finds almost everything less on Amazon. If you sign up, you pay something like $79 and shipping is free on everything. We got two fountains and one was 1,100 pounds and one was 700 pounds. My husband got a rock that was engraved as a Christmas gift and his sisters said they got it off amazon with free shipping. So you might want to check there. Worth a try to look.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out! That $79 deal is Amazon prime and it is a yearly fee for free 2-day shipping (and I think there are some other associated perks but the free shipping is what I’m in it for!). I do actually check amazon first for almost everything because it is OFTEN cheapest there— but not always. In this case they did not carry the food I was looking for directly (only through their partners who had no free shipping or other good deals).

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