Imma Take Your Grandpa’s Style…..

Oh yea… it’s challenge time. YHL Thrift Storage challenge, that is. I love the idea of thrifting and I’m no stranger to an un-challenged thrift shop shopping spree with a friend or two, so when John and Sherry of YHL challenged their readers to take to the streets (or um, stores) with just $20 in their pocket and see what they could find, I immediately texted my friend/neighbor/fellow blogger Amanda to see if she wanted to go. And then demanded that she watch the NSFW version of the music video John and Sherry were inspired by, because it is AMAZING. Go ahead and watch, it is worth the 4 minutes I promise. 

(In case you weren’t paying attention above… this is NSFW)


Monday night, we undertook the challenge. The rules were simple. 

#1- Head out with $20 cash in our pockets. You get a photo in my kitchen rather than in front of the thrift store because it was dark when we were headed out.



#2: Spend your $20 in any way you’d like and take a photo. 

There were a lot of contenders for my cash, but I kept getting tripped up by one seemingly un-answerable question: Where would it go? We have a shortage of shelves/display areas in our home and so I begrudgingly put back the cute nubby glasses that I wanted to turn into candle holders, the milk glass vase, and the blue glass bowl.

I make a very concerted effort to not bring things home unless I know where I’d put them because I hate clutter almost as I hate wasting money on things I won’t actually use (and even if it is only $5, it is still wasted if it isn’t actually used and appreciated). So until I get some more shelves in my home, wall decor is my best bet. 

Which is how I ended up with this. 



A southwestern scene oil painted on orange velvet in a chunky hand-carved (looking) frame. When I first saw it, my question to Amanda was “Would I be totally crazy if I loved this?” and she said no. And then I carried it around for another fifteen minutes debating whether it was amazing, vintage, kitschy, and the perfect sort of grandpa-chic…………. or just really really ugly (the photo that is, the frame I love regardless).

Honestly I still haven’t decided. I may hang it as-is somewhere and hope it looks layered-in rather than totally out of place in my far-from-vintage-styled home. I might rip out the picture and just use the amazing chunky frame for some homemade art. I might even paint the frame (although I’m leaning towards not because it has some amazing grain). Opinions on these matters would be greatly appreciated!

Regardless, I think however I decide to use it I will love it. And did I mention it cost me $3.99? Yea. Less than a sub. For a huge piece of art (or amazing frame to be filled with homemade art). Love! I didn’t spend the balance of my $20 because that wasn’t a requirement of the challenge and I just didn’t see anything else that demanded I take it home. (Except the Chinese food we got on the way home. Which thankfully was not vintage. But was delicious). 

#3: Find one (or more) item referenced in the song. 

I found a keyboard on a gorgeous old piano..



But to be honest that was far less amusing than some of the other… let’s say interesting items we came across. Like adult diapers. Because these are things you want to buy second-hand. 



Or this super creepy shelf o’ naked barbies that was somehow horror-movie-esc. 



Yea. I don’t know either. 

Creepy dolls and adult diapers notwithstanding, challenge accepted and conquered! And I wasn’t kidding about needing input about the picture— any opinions are welcome! Anyone else thrifting this week? 


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