Crafty craftiness: Crocheted pillow cover

It’s crafty day! I mentioned a few weeks ago that crochet has been my latest crafty venture, and I’m still loving it. My next-in-line project was a crocheted pillow cover, using this photo as my inspiration.

Screen Shot 2013-01-23 at 9.42.34 PM


I had this project in mind for several reasons. First, I had some extra yarn from my first attempt at the cowl-type scarf that was far too heavy to be a scarf. I really loved the texture of the yarn, but it just didn’t seem clothes-y to me. Second, I randomly saw a crocheted (or knitted maybe) pillow at target one day while I was walking around and I thought: I could do that! For a hell of a lot less than $40 too. So I googled around a bit and cave up with a very basic crocheted pillow, seen above, and thought yep— that will be the next project.

I don’t have a tutorial for you because it was just THAT easy (well, if you know how to crochet). First I decided what pillow I would use. I picked one of the green ones off of our couch upstairs because I’ve been wanting to cover those basically since we bought them and just never got around to it. I made a chain of enough stitches to match the length of the pillow. Then I made rows of half-double crochets until my square was as tall as the pillow. That was it!

I didn’t want to crochet both sides of the pillow for two reasons: 1) I was out of yarn (it took almost 2 skeins to do the front) and 2) my hand kinda hurt because this yarn is pretty stiff to work with, so I was over this particular project at that point. I debated what sort of fabric to pick up for a backing and actually started to use a leftover piece of cotton I had from quilting. Quickly though I realized that it wasn’t working because the fabric was really too thin to stand up to the thick plush crochet, and I was having issues using my sewing machine on the crocheted front anyways because it was so thick and I don’t have a foot that can be raised for thick fabrics.

That’s when genius/laziness/cheapness struck. Why not just place the crocheted square over the existing pillow front and whip-stitch it all along the edges? The front would be crocheted, the back would be sturdy and match the couch, and I wouldn’t have to figure out a way to make my sewing machine sew crochet OR buy new fabric. Win. So that is what I did. Wanna see?

First, here is a wider room-shot. Notice the boring fade-into-the-couch pillow on the left side? That is the same as the pillow I covered.


Here is a closer shot, I paired my new crocheted pillow with the only decorative pillow I’ve ever purchased (I know, crazy right?)… which I love and feels very winter-y to me.


I really love the texture of the two together. The tree pillow is linen-y and the crocheted pillow is all kinds of chunky and awesome.


Just the crocheted pillow now. Doesn’t it look like a sweater you just want to lay on?


Mmmmm…. LOVE!


So that’s the pillow. Made from leftovers and totally awesome, in my humble opinion.


6 thoughts on “Crafty craftiness: Crocheted pillow cover

  1. It rocks my socks. And so does that last picture. I’m so weirdly OCD that I routinely just sit back and admire the perfectness of the rows I crochet. And in that last picture, there’s nothing but perfectness of rows. LOVE.

  2. Me too Anna, me too.

    Amanda- It is seriously SO easy. It took me less than half an hour to get started and the only real tool you need (other than your yarn) is a crochet hook. Which costs like $2. It’s worth picking one and some yarn up and googling a tutorial 🙂 (This was a 9mm hook with chunky yarn)

  3. I love this! I was looking for a tuturial on how to attatch it and came across here.. Can you please tell me how you attatched that crochet to your fabric? Cause I seem to be looking but not finding a how to on that….

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