Organize-A-Thon Project 1

One of my favorite daily bloggers (Amanda over at Love and Renovations) has challenged her readers once again to organize one area of their home each week, and you know I love a challenge! Last year I only managed to complete one organization project in February, but this year my aim is at least three.

I was a bit short on time this week due to my weekend being taken over by a parental visit (very fun, but not conducive to cleaning), a photo shoot (super adorable 6 month old), and doing our taxes (yea okay… that just sucked). In thinking what I could organize that would make a big impact but wouldn’t take a lot of time, I immediately thought of my office.

I just finished it last August and am a bit ashamed to admit how quickly it fell into disuse. I loved it for the first few months, but then I was in trial every day for a few weeks and then often after that, and between being busy and the holidays…. it just became a mess. I tended to just leave everything I took out laying out, including crafting and sewing projects, work stuff, boxes, photo stuff, etc. And then I didn’t WANT to use it because it was a mess. See?




I thought this would be the perfect project for this week because I knew it wouldn’t take that long, even though it would make a huge difference in the look and functionality of the room. In fact, I decided to honor the name of my blog and see if I could get it done in fifteen minutes. Annnnnnndddddddd……………….. I failed. But! When I the timer chimed for 15 minutes I turned it on stopwatch to see how much longer it would take to get it done. The verdict?



Yep. Two minutes fifty-one seconds. Which means a grand total of less than 18 minutes to clean and (re)organize this whole room. And the results?





And to prove I didn’t just throw everything into a pile in the closet….




Yay! I am so happy I got this done. Now I can start using it again, and I’m feeling re-energized to finish decorating the room! I don’t know why I have such a strong tendency to get a space 80% of the way finished and totally crap out on effort before doing the final decorating, but I have some ideas for this space I’m excited to get started on. Especially because most of them are (almost free).

For now though, I’m just excited to have my office back. Anyone else doing any organizing this February?


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