Organize-a-thon Projects 2 and 3

Happy Presidents’ Day all!! I had the most fantastic weekend. I think it is safe to say that I’ve gotten my inspiration back. Lately I see nothing but projects I want to do, and I am all motivation to get them done. I have no idea how long this will last so I figured I had better take full advantage of my motivation while it’s here.

I had the day off work, and nothing to do until 2pm when a good friend from out of town was stopping by for a visit. B had to work, so I was on the hunt for something to organize. Given my high level of motivation, I figured I ought to tackle the worst area of our house– the spare bedroom without a purpose. This used to be our office (which we never once used ever). Then when I made my office in one of the other bedrooms, we moved the futon into this room and things went downhill quickly.

The last time we cleaned this room (Um, the only time) was New Years Eve 2010. And then only because we hadn’t yet unpacked the our boxes from moving into this room (we moved in on January 30, 2010) and had set a goal for ourselves to get everything unpacked before the end of the year. Technically, we met our deadline-woot! Anyways, this is where random stuff goes to die. We tend to just toss things (literally) into the room when we don’t know where else to put them. And today, I fixed it. First– the spare room in all its messy glory.





And one more close shot of the futon/floor area…. yikes.


I decided to set my phone timer for one hour and see what happened. I don’t know why I’m obsessed with timing myself lately, except that I feel constantly amazed by how long cleaning/organizing projects DON’T take. I didn’t rush, and I was hoping that by the time my one hour was up I’d at least have made good enough progress to inspire me to keep going. But then something awesome happened. I finished. And I saw this.


More than ten minutes still on my timer. Which means I cleaned this whole room in under 50 minutes. SERIOUSLY? Why do I wait so long to do these things?! Check it out. Clean clean cleaaaaan.





I threw out a ton of stuff, particularly a ton of papers. We just kept way too much stuff we don’t really need. In the end, this is my stack of “too file” stuff. Over half of that is related to our home closing, so this is not a bad stack at ALL.


I think that B and I probably need to overhaul our whole filing cabinet (which we’ve not looked at since– you guessed it– New Years Eve 2010). He was so excited that I got the room cleaned that he said he’s more than happy to sit down with me next weekend, clean out the filing cabinet, and find a home for this stack of documents. In fact, when I texted him a photo of the room after it was clean, his exact response was: “WOW. My socks are knocked off.” haha— love him. Here’s a closer shot of the same bed/floor area after I decided to make the futon back into a couch rather than a bed… oooo clean.


Which isn’t to say this room is done. Obviously. I still don’t even know what it IS. But what it is today, at least, is clean and organized. Which is more than what it was yesterday. One of the things I want to figure out is a better way to store my wrapping supplies. That huge bag is full of gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, bows, etc. I’m thinking of doing some sort of wall storage for these, but I haven’t gotten around to figuring it out. Another item to consider is this console table. I bought it from Target literally three homes ago, I’m thinking around 2005. I used it as a desk, even though it was always too narrow to work well for that purpose. I still love the clean lines of this table but I’m not quite sure where to re-shuffle it. Any ideas appreciated!


The last item to be considered from the spare room is this orange vase. I bought it from a yard sale almost ten years ago because I loved the shape, but it has never really gone in any of my houses. I still love the shape, but I’m not quite sure what to do with it. One option is to leave it as-is and put it in the great room. I’ve been thinking of adding a few pops of deep orange, and this would certainly fit the bill. The other option, though, is to paint it glossy white. Decisions!


So, that was my first project today. When I finished though, I still had a bit of time before my friend was stopping by, so I decided to tackle my closet. This is really only a mini project because it wasn’t TERRIBLE. Mostly, I have a bad habit of just tossing things wherever. I had a big stack of discarded shirts laying on the cedar chest in our room.


And the same was true of the top of the closet. Stuff was just tossed up top without much rhyme or reason, and all my clothes were mixed up without regard to organization.



So about half an hour of folding and shuffling later….



Okay, so I can admit it doesn’t LOOK that much better. But note the decided lack of mess on the top shelf, and believe me when I say that my clothes are now in an order that actually makes sense. Plus, no random pile of clothes in our bedroom– win!


And thus ends my super productive day-o-organization. Together with my stripey office from yesterday, I’d classify this as a wholly awesome three day weekend. Thank you Presidents Lincoln and Washington for the much-appreciated day off work!


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