One Hour Dog Bed

It’s crappy iPhone picture project time– woot! I have impulse control issues. Sometimes I get an idea in my head, and I try to ignore it, but then I just HAVE to do it immediately. And usually  I can’t be bothered to go get my nice camera and take nice pictures, I just do a few quick snaps with my iPhone. I’m working on it.

The project I had to do immediately last week was make a dog bed. After I started working in my office again, I started to feel badly because Stew always follows me wherever I go and there was nothing nice for him to lay on in my office. He had to lay on the floor. Oh, the humanity of it. Lucky for him, I always keep my scraps from any projects I do. You never know when you’re going to need some scraps for a quick impulsive project, if you’re me anyways.

This ended up being such a fast and fun project I had to share. First I pulled out some scraps of fabric from various quilts I’ve done that I still really like, and just sort of laid them together.


Then I had to measure Stew, got to know how big the bed has got to be! I made it just a little bigger than him, 20×35.


I thought seven was a few too many fabrics for this size, so I picked my favorite five and laid them out in an order I thought looked nice. And yes, there is pink in my (boy) dog’s bed. He’s secure in his masculinity. I trimmed the fabric into strips of various widths that added up to 22.5 inches (I wanted a 20 inch finished width + quarter inch seam allowances for each side of the five fabrics). I sewed them together and then trimmed the final piece down to 35.5 inches long (35 inch finished product + quarter inch seam allowance on each end).


I didn’t have a single piece of fabric big enough for the back that I wanted to sacrifice, so I used a few strips of plain light blue fabric scraps sewn together. And here is where I made a big mistake, because I was just doing this on the fly without paying too much attention— Yep. I sewed the back with the seams OUT instead of in. But, since that side will always be on the floor, and since it is just a dog bed for me, and since I was trying to be quick about things, I just let it be. I hope Stew won’t mind.


To stuff the pillow, I used scraps of quilt batting that I just piled into the general shape and size of the pillow, then stuffed it into the side of the pillow I’d left open. I sewed the opening shut with my machine (again, not super concerned about seams because ya know… it’s a dog bed). 

Ta da! All done (don’t mind the mini paper stripes I had taped to my wall to decide on stripe width).
image_4And Stew? Well, he was so grateful for a soft place to lay that he immediately rushed to the pillow and flopped down, sighing with clear satisfaction. 
Just Kidding. My dog– who ALWAYS finds the softest place to lay in any room– saw me spend an hour working on this pillow and promptly refused to go near it. I had to pick his ass up and set it on the pillow to get the photo (note the annoyed look in his eyes). And for the last week he has wholly ignored it. Today, finally, he did humor me a bit by putting his head on it…. although I kind of feel like he’s just mocking me now.


Oh well, at least it’s cute. And hopefully he’ll eventually give in and enjoy it, since that was sort of the point. But even if not, it only took an hour so I’d say it was well worth the effort just to get it off my mind.

Anyone else have project impulse control issues?



One thought on “One Hour Dog Bed

  1. Cute pillow and cute bloggie re-design! 🙂 And, I’m going to whisper really quietly in your general direction that I *still* haven’t seen a… homemadevanillaextractupdate…(flinches).

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