A post for Anna: Homemade Vanilla Update!

So a while ago (ummm 6 months actually…) I posted about making homemade vanilla as an add-on for some Christmas gifts. I have the directions and how-to in the first post, so really all that was left to do was bottle the final product (assuming it didn’t suck). The day before we left for our Christmas travels, I strained the vanilla through my coffee filter (to get out all of the bits of solid vanilla), and poured it into jars I bought at World Market. Mostly, I bought the jars because they were the right size and I thought they were cute, plus they weren’t too big. The finished product?


I fished out a full vanilla bean and put one in each of the jars, just because it looks pretty. The final review? Pretty good! I think the vanilla tastes pretty much exactly like store bought real vanilla. I don’t really think it tastes better or worse, I can’t even tell the difference in anything that I’ve used it in so far. The only problem I had with finishing this project was the jars. They don’t seal as well as I was hoping, so I had to be very careful in transporting them.

So, that’s about it! Anyone who was waiting for an update on this post can thank Anna for consistent reminders until I finally put it up, haha. I’m not sure why it took so long, except that I don’t think the update is all that exciting. I made the vanilla, and it is vanilla-y.


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