Organize-a-thon Project #4 + Pinterest Inspiration

Tonight while folding laundry, I was struck by a sudden and urgent project impulse. I’d been somewhat casually trying to think of my next organizational project for Amanda‘s challenge, and I just wasn’t coming up with anything I really felt like tackling. Which isn’t to say I don’t have areas that still need to be organized… just none that bugged me enough to remedy right now. But as I was folding, I looked over and had the same thought I have just about every day. Ugh.


I really dislike clutter in functional areas. And my nightstand always looks like hell. Add my cell phone and a book, generally, by the time I go to bed it is really hard to reach anything without knocking something else over. Obviously I can tidy it up a little, but it still never really looks nice and clean like I’d prefer. A big part of the problem is my jewelry. Earrings are sort of my thing, and I wear them big. Which means the little earring holder built into my jewelry box? Not functional for most of my earrings.


So, they all ended up here. Piled, tangled, leaving me unable to close the lid (making it look messy) and also making me grab basically the same pair or two every single day because I didn’t feel like digging for pairs or untangling things.


Another issue is my necklaces. I have a really nice necklace tree a friend got for me years ago and it has improved my necklace organization to the extent that they are now able to hang and get less tangled. However most of my necklaces are sort of long or heavy, and I knock this thing over on an at-least-monthly basis. Which means it is sort of bent now (making it even more likely to tip over) and also just a little frustrating in such a small space.


And suddenly it struck me. A hanging jewelry organizer! When I was first on pinterest, one of my very first pins was this awesome hanging earring organizer.

Screen Shot 2013-02-28 at 10.53.16 PM


I remember pricing it out at the time, but I didn’t have a frame I thought would work and those metal panels at Lowes were a little spendy. But now? I had the PERFECT frame I was just waiting to find a purpose for (my thrift store challenge frame that I got for 3.99), and I had leftover white burlap scraps from making a simple burlap runner for Thanksgiving. And thus, an organizational/pinterest project was born. I gathered my materials.


My frame, burlap, scissors, duct tape, and a couple little hooks I had hanging out in my tool bag. I also added to the pile after I took this photo a hammer and some command strips (because I wanted this to be hung really solidly from both sides so it wouldn’t have to be evenly weighted).


First, I pried out the two staples holding the plywood-stretched velvet painting into the frame. I just used the scissors as a little leverage to get them out, and they were really easy to remove.


Then I cut my burlap to be just a few inches bigger than the stretched painting.


Next, I flipped the painting over so that the plywood frame was against the burlap, and stretched the burlap over all four sides and taped it. I did it this way so that there would be some open space behind the burlap to give the earrings room to poke through. I taped it on because my staple gun is on the fritz, and also with burlap duct tape might be the better bet anyways as it is such a loose weave. I placed the burlap-wrapped plywood back into the frame, and had to use the hammer to tap it into place because it was bulkier than when I took it out due to the burlap and duct tape.


I duct taped the seams, just to be extra secure, even though the plywood was fit snuggly into the frame. Then I flipped it over and laid out my hooks, just spacing them by eye. I screwed them into the bottom of the frame by hand.


Using command strips on either side, I hung the frame using a level to make sure that it was straight. At this point, I was almost exactly 30 minutes into the project, even with stopping to take photos of every step!


Another 10 minutes of organizing later and…… oooOOOOooooOOOO. Love it!


I was able to fit all of my dangly earrings (which is almost all of my earrings) with room to spare, plus I used the hooks below for my hoops, a few thin bracelets, and my necklaces.


A place for everything and everything in its place… It is a little ridiculous how happy this little 40 minutes free (unless you count the frame, then 3.99) project makes me.


And a wide shot… notice how much less cluttered my night stand looks now that the jewelry box can be closed, the necklace tree is removed, and it is just a bit straightened up? ❤

Don’t mind the blanket on the floor, that is Stew’s dog bed! (And the penguin is a humidifier. Oh yea, I’m classy). I’m definitely declaring this randomly-inspired project a success! Has anyone else built something similar? I feel like I see versions of this all over pinterest but I don’t think I’ve actually seen someone build one that I “know.”


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