Stenciling sans stencil…. Part 1

When we moved into our home, I loved the little loft area at the top of the stairs. We had an extra couch (from the living room in my old place) that we put up there, and it just seemed like such a cozy area to curl up next to the window and read a book. When we had our house painted the summer before last, I even had the painters do an accent wall here (which ties into the one in the great room just to the left of this photo), thinking I would do some great wall treatment/focal point here.


The issue is, we never use this space. Like ever. Like, a few weeks ago I got a phone call while I was walking down that hallway and answered it, and then sat down on the couch to talk and realized it is probably the first time I’ve sat on that couch in three years. Which is probably why I’ve utterly neglected decorating it. It is never-used and you can’t see it from downstairs unless you’re on the far end of the great room and just happen to look up that way… so it is sort of “out of sight out of mind.”

Except that it isn’t really out of sight for our guests. We have guests with some regularity (mostly family but also a few friends), I’d say on an approximately monthly basis. And this is the view when you walk up the stairs. Bor-ing.



I have since cleaned up that book case so it doesn’t look like so much of a fire hazard (“funny” story about that I may decide to tell later…), but that big navy wall of nothingness, it irks.

Which is why I’ve decided to tackle the wall now. I’m on a roll with home projects and I might as well get ‘er done while I have the enthusiasm for it. Originally, I really wanted to stencil the wall. I see adds for various wall stencil companies all the time, and they have some GORGEOUS stencils, but I just don’t want to spend $50 on a stencil for a wall that small. So I think I want a stenciled wall look, sans stencil.

I’ve narrowed it down to two designs, and this is where you come in. My original thought was to do a Moroccan tile look like my beloved faux frosted glass back door. I think I would follow this tutorial for a similar look, although I’d make the tiles smaller and probably fill in the space between the lines rather than doing double-lined tiles.



But then I was wondering if I ought to do something different. I think the Moroccan tiles on two different floors would relate to each other and look good, but maybe I should do something a little more unexpected.  I found this stenciled wall and loved it.


That photo is actually of a real stencil, so no tutorial… but it looks easy enough to pull off. Find something round, trace x 1000, paint. I just keep going back and forth, so I would like some opinions. I even figured out how to put up a poll– a first for me! So, please vote! And if you have some explanation for your vote I’d love to hear it in the comments below.




One thought on “Stenciling sans stencil…. Part 1

  1. My decorating style and humble opinion is that the circles are way too busy. It reminds me of that brain teaser with a bunch of squares, where they ask you how many squares there are and you have to end up counting squares inside of squares, etc. While the circles are pretty, it makes my brain hurt to look at it. 🙂

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