In which you wonder why I ask for advice at all if I’m not going to take it…

So last time we spoke I asked for some opinions on flooring options. I also asked some friends of mine. In total I got six opinions. Five of them were that we should do the wood floors throughout the main level and wait on carpet for the man cave. So what are we doing?

Not putting carpet throughout the main level.

I know. Why did I ask?

The funny thing is, I REALLY did not know what I wanted when I wrote the post. But as the votes came tumbling in, and all (mostly) in favor of doing the wood through the great room… I found myself going “but.. but… but…” Doing the wood floors throughout makes perfect sense. It looks pretty. It helps resale. It would get the whole main level done now and we could afford it.

So why am I resistant?

I just don’t want to. Which I didn’t know until people told me I should. I think the basic reason I don’t want wood floors in the great room is that I just think carpet is cozier. I think it is nicer to walk across and to lay on (weirdly– we actually lay on the floor in that room with some regularity when we’re playing with stew). It won’t require me to buy a big throw rug, which while gorgeous is more money and another big decision to make. And it’s easier to maintain. Vacuum and done. Wood floors are gorgeous but there is a lot more sweeping and cleaning involved (especially with pets).

So, even though wood floors would maybe look a little better and would be a bonus on resale— we’re not flipping this house. We’re probably not selling it for ten(+) years. So if carpet is what I really want? Carpet is what we’re getting. (It is worth noting– B is fully on board with the carpet in that room).

Which leaves two options: Carpet now or carpet later?

And I’ve waffled. A lot. I was certain waiting to do the carpet was the right call. Then I was certain doing it right now was the smarter choice. Rinse and repeat, about 10 times in the 48 hours.

I’m supposed to call with my final decision in the morning, and to be honest I’m still only 95% sure. So we’ll see if there is a morning post with a recant of everything about to say. But the decision is…. (drumroll)… carpet later.

Doing the carpet now is so tempting because it would be nice to just have the first two levels done. And if we’re going to just go ahead and do carpet in 8-12 months anyways, why wait? Two reasons, mostly.

#1: Money

Technically, we can afford to do it all now. But we would have to stop contributing to our emergency savings fund for a while to do it. And/or be pretty frugal the whole rest of this year in terms of house projects. As in…. basically do nothing else. I have a death grip on our emergency savings fund because it is really really important to me to make sure that we’re financially secure even if one of us loses our job. We have an okay amount in there now, but we’re not to my “happy number” yet, so I really am just not okay with our savings plan taking a hit for the sake of carpet.

#2: Projects

In thinking about it, there are some projects I would sort of like to do BEFORE we get new carpeting. Not only the random ones that we would have to forego if we did the carpet now, but actual (somewhat) carpet-dependent ones. First on that list would be repainting the man cave. I’ve been trying to convince B to do it for a while now and he’s not yet agreed… but I can tell I’m wearing him down. We certainly COULD do it if we got new carpet, but it would be a lot less nerve-wracking to do it before our brand new carpet was installed. Also, I’d really  love to do a new tile surround for our fireplace. Our current one? Fug. (From Christmas 2011, but you get the idea).



It will only cost a couple hundred (at most) to buy the tile for this project, but my dad had mentioned it would be best to do it right before we replace the carpeting in there because we may damage it in the process. We really don’t have the time, money, or inclination to get it done in the next 2 weeks before new carpet would be installed but we could definitely get it done if we waited a bit on the carpet.

Bonus reason #3: I can always change my mind

There is no discount associated with getting the carpet and hardwood done at the same time. Two different installers do it. And if I change my mind next week, or next month, or in six months… I can call and order the carpet then. Sure, there is a risk that if we wait we won’t be able to get the same sort of discounts. But if they gave us this price once they’ll probably do it again so I don’t think it’s a big factor.

So… in the most long-winded multi-posted way possible… that’s what we’re doing with the floors. I think. I hope. (No promises.)


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