The Big Indoor Upgrade

So…. I lied about posting pics last Friday. Apologies, for real. But, I have an excuse! My parents came into town early on Friday and we completed the mother of all DIY projects this weekend that I can’t wait to reveal to you…. later. Soon though, promise!

But this is about floors. We got new floors!!! Almost a month ago I posted that I thought I’d made a decision on flooring, and in fact I had. It took a few weeks to get all the materials in and then get the floors installed— there was no DIY’ing a project this big an involved! So, let’s cut straight to the chase. The pictures.

The before. Vinyl throughout the entry/kitchen/breakfast/half bath area and carpet in the dining room.




And the after… gorgeous distressed hickory.



Love it!!!! Such a huge difference. Check out the close up view…. yum.


Wood floors just make such a huge difference to the whole feel of the house. I feel like when you walk in it just looks totally different now, much more polished and custom.


And perhaps my favorite view, I love the dark cabinets with the medium wood floors, the backsplash, the bright walls, and 12 windows visible from this spot.



I’m so happy we finally decided to do this. It was a rare upgrade for us in that it was a pretty big chunk of money all at once, and it was 100% hired out. But the reason we DIY so much (aside from the fact that I like doing it!) is so that we can save money to pay someone else to do the really hard jobs.

And I think in the long run we’ll be thrilled we did it. We love our home for now but it is not our forever home and wood floors will really help when it is time to sell. We got a great price and I think we’ll more than make it back on resale.

The best part was, we got it done before my parents arrived for the weekend so we got to show it off right away! And I’m so super pumped to show you our weekend project (maybe tomorrow or Wednesday)! It was similarly huge and totally DIY!


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