Still Saving!

Another update on our electricity savings! We knew last month that our usage had significantly dropped, but we still hadn’t seen savings from switching our electric company because the change hadn’t gone through. The change came through at the start of the last billing cycle, so I can now update about that as well!

For May, our usage continued to be significantly less than in the previous two years. It was a bit higher than last month because we turned on the AC finally, but it was still only 56% of the usage for May 2012 and 57% of the usage for May 2011. Now that our new contract came through, we were paying 6.25 cents rather than 8.7 cents per kWh. Which for this month, meant an additional savings of $16.72 (which is super impressive considering this is on the reduced usage– if we had NOT reduced our usage and just switched power companies, we would’ve saved about $30 on that switch alone).

So what’s the bottom line? For May 2011 our electric bill was $149.38. For May 2012 our electric bill was $160.00. For May 2013 our electric bill was $87.54.

I think it is safe to say this switch (or really, the company switch + reducing our usage) saved us, easily, over $60 this month. Pretty awesome for almost no effort!


One thought on “Still Saving!

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