Still alive.

I am still alive and kicking, if not posting as much as I’d like. It isn’t just this blog that is suffering, I haven’t updated my photo blog in months either and I REALLY ought to get on that, but it overwhelms me. 

So where have I been? Busy! Since I last updated we’ve been to Hocking Hills for a weekend in a cabin with my family, hosted B’s mom for a long weekend, gone to New Orleans for a week, to Atlanta for a long weekend, not to mention shooting two out of town weddings and one in town wedding, one engagement shoot, two maternity shoots, two family/kid shoots, and three newborn shoots (with 4 total babies). And ya know, working my full time law job and trying to maintain some semblance of a social life amongst the work and the traveling and the shooting and the editing. 

It’s been fabulous. And exhausting. I’m yawning as I type this. 

This weekend though? Amazing. It is our first weekend since early August when we’ve been in town and not hosting anyone and I haven’t had to work at all. We’ve slept in late, watched a ton of netflix, a few movies (started up scary movie Fridays again this Friday since it is now October!), ran errands together, and even went out for lunch and to see Don Jon yesterday. And now I’m sitting down watching Hocus Pocus (a must-watch, obviously) and to edit… although obviously procrastinating doing any real work by writing a long-overdue blog post. Which isn’t so much interesting as it is documentary… because I think some day I might want to remember this crazy fun busy fall. 

There has been no home decor updates… which is sort of a bummer. I haven’t even put out a fall wreath. I’m going to try to get on that in the next week or two and decorate at least a little bit for fall. We’re hosting Thanksgiving again this year and I spent like… NO time decorating for it last year so I’d like to do better. Other than that I don’t have too many projects burning to get started. I’d really like to get to working on that quilt I designed and ordered fabric for MONTHS ago. And there is one other (secret for now) project we’ll start this winter. In the meantime, I will hopefully post more and be inspired to do some smaller projects I can share on the blog! 

Until then folks– enjoy pumpkin season! And hopefully I’ll be back soon.