17 weeks

I was thinking of updating my blog… then realized that I still haven’t really done anything noteworthy. I did clean my office. So ya know.. there’s that. But the fact that just cleaning off the surfaces of my work space is somewhat noteworthy basically describes where I’m at project-wise right now.

Pretty much the only thing I AM doing right now, other than like– working and living and stuff– is growing a person. So I suppose I’ll give an update on that! And while we’re on the topic, THANK YOU for all the kind comments I got on my announcement!

I’m 17 weeks today! My pregnancy app tells me that the baby is the size of a sweet potato, which seems super appropriate for this week given it is Thanksgiving (and I wouldn’t want a baby the size of a turkey hanging out in there…). Right now the calendar rolling over to a new week is basically my favorite thing. I know that I’m technically in the ‘safe zone’ now but I suspect I might not ever really feel completely safe until the baby is born and in my arms (and then that just starts a whole other zone of worry). Every new week feels like one less week something can go wrong, one week closer to everything going right.

As for symptoms and whatnot, I’ve been pretty lucky. I felt pretty crappy there for a while (5.5-14 weeks or so) but even at the height of my sickness I still wasn’t as bad off as a lot of people who basically battle a months-long stomach flu. Feeling sick is much preferable to being sick, if ya know what I mean. I seem to have missed out on most of the worst symptoms so far and really for the last 3 weeks I’ve felt almost normal.

The most awesome recent thing is that in the last few days I started to feel some movement! No definite kicks yet, but certainly a “hamster doing somersaults” type feeling that had been described to me by others. It isn’t all the time, mostly only when I’m really still and not always even then. The only way to make it happen is to put some music on my phone and set that on my stomach, but I feel badly doing that too often because I can’t tell if the baby is dancing along or trying desperately to swim away from the racket haha.

The next exciting thing is finding out the sex of our baby and finally getting to start referring to this little one as “he” or “she”! It will be just a bit over a week now and I can. not. wait. Pretty sure this will be the longest week ever, waiting for it, but I’m grateful that it is a holiday weekend so I should have lots of distractions in family and whatnot!

So, that’s the happenings around these parts. I don’t see my really doing too much in the way of projects in the next week, so I expect the next update will be when we find out what we’re having! After that though, I hope to do SOMETHING noteworthy around the house to share. Even if it is just a Christmas project. Only time will tell!


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