It’s a………..

Girl!!! (I’ve never been very good at building suspense).

We had the anatomy scan last week and everything with the baby looks just perfect! It was really interesting to watch the tech zooming in on and measuring each of her little features. Each bone in the arms and legs, each eye, her lips and nose and the roof of her mouth, the little chambers and blood vessels in her heart, her brain, etc. Unfortunately our baby girl doesn’t share my inability to build suspense though because she simply refused to give up the goods on her gender!

Throughout the whole first hour she had her legs clamped tight and just refused to open them for the tech. We tried everything to get her to move– the tech poked and prodded me, jiggled the bump, and eventually had me get up and do some jumping jack (lol)! After the jumping jacks baby girl had moved from laying sideways across me to sitting bum down, but she still had her legs together and knees pulled up in front of her. By the end of the scan the best the tech could tell us was that her best guess was girl, but she just couldn’t be sure.

Luckily for me (sort of) it turns out my placenta is a bit low-riding in terms of positioning. I guess this is an issue because if it is TOO low they don’t let you try for a regular labor, and instead fast-track you to a scheduled c-section as soon as you are full term. So to measure exactly where the placenta was, they needed to do a second (internal) ultrasound, and it was during that one that we were able to see for SURE that we were having a little girl!

Even though I’m not thrilled about the placenta issue, I’m so grateful that we got to find out what we were having for sure. And lucky for me the doctor said that he really thinks my placenta will move on up in time for me to have a normal birth. I have to go in for another ultrasound in January to check on its’ progress– which is pretty awesome because I didn’t think I’d get another ultrasound after the anatomy scan and it is always super fun to see our little girl again! (Especially now that she looks more like a person than a blob…).

Speaking of… while I have remained staunchly against sharing ultrasound pics on Facebook because I know they creep some people out and are a bit “TMI”… I figure if you came to my blog you might have to accept the inevitability of a select few of these shots! So here’s your last warning.. if ultrasound pics creep you out, look away!

This was my favorite pic, because it is a nice profile shot and it looked like she was waving at us when the tech snapped the shot.

profile us pic

Ugh, can you even? It’s just so insane to me that there is a little person in there. And that she actually looks like a person now, rather than like a sort of creepy fish like the drawings of embryos/earlier fetuses. Also, the buddha belly! Although speaking of creepy… B’s favorite u/s pic is SUPER creepy IMO. This is a shot head-on looking at all the bones in her face. I think it looks like the punisher logo.. B thinks it looks like Bane from Batman. Either way? Super creepy lol

punisher us pic


I’m pretty sure that pic is going to end up in his cube!  In other baby-related news, we got a glider for the nursery-to-be! My parents were in town for Thanksgiving and stayed through the weekend so they could go to the anatomy scan with us. My mom had decided that she really wanted her and my dad to gift us a glider for the nursery, and that Thanksgiving weekend was the best time to do that.

I was slightly overwhelmed because it seemed like such a big purchase and I hadn’t really even thought about the nursery yet, but once we went shopping I found a glider I absolutely fell in love with and it was an easy choice. It’s from babies r us and its super cushy and swivels and glides (including the ottoman). We went with this style because the recliner/gliders don’t glide once they are reclined, and I thought that I’d mostly like to have my feet up while still rocking. We looked at some more traditional style wooden gliders too, which were actually surprisingly comfy, but this chair had both comfort and the look I fell in love with. So without further ado– the glider!



It’s just hanging out in the corner of the office/nursery-to-be at the moment so excuse the desk, but I can already tell I love it with the paint (which I am leaving as-is once we convert the room). So exciting to have our first piece of nursery furniture!

So, that’s the news around these parts. Next up, I imagine, will be figuring out the rest of the nursery furniture and decor!



One thought on “It’s a………..

  1. Congrats on having a girl!! Don’t worry about the low lying placenta issue. I had the same thing and was SO worried about it, even though the doctor told me it would most likely move up as the pregnancy progressed. Everything turned out fine. The placenta moved up and I was able to labor naturally, as I’m sure you will too 🙂

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