Get off my Craigslist…

It’s been a while since I’ve had a rant, so here we go. 

I’ve been looking on Craigslist for a dresser for the nursery, and oh my god are people annoying. If you do this on Craigslist, I hate you: 

1) Title your ad “antique” when what you really mean is “a few years old and looks like it fell off a truck, or 6.” 

2) Put one, weird-angled, sorta-blurry photo of your furniture item. You’re trying to sell it, right? Shouldn’t I be able to see clearly the whole item? 

3) Title your ad “shabby chic” when what you mean is “I suck at diy and I need to get this fugly thing out of my house.” 

4) Fail to understand what Craigslist is, and ask retail price for your furniture item. Yes, your dresser is nice. But if I wanted to pay $800 for a dresser I’d just go to Macy’s. Go away. 

5) Not let people email you. You are posting ONLINE. You should let people respond ONLINE. Phone number only? I hate you. Oh and if you say “no texts, call only” or I text you and get a bounce-back that it is a land line? Seriously– GET OFF MY CRAIGSLIST. 


Lastly… although I do understand why people do this I still find it super annoying… selling sets only. I’ve missed out on so many awesome dressers because they’re only being sold as part of a full bedroom set with headboard, 2 dressers, and 2 end tables or something. I don’t need a whole set, I just need one item. Sigh. 

(Obviously– my search is not going that well thus far… but I persist…)



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