A day in the work-at-home life…

So, I’ve reached a new level of lazy. I wanted to blog this but honestly I’m just way too lazy to type the whole thing out again, so you get the story as told to my husband via email. Sorry.

By way of explanation, we have ongoing Stew/Cali problems. Cali runs from Stew, which makes Stew chase Cali. We keep them separated a lot of the day, but when we bring Stew down to the man cave we like to put Cali on the window sill so she can still be a part of the room, without being within Stew’s grasp. Since it got so cold though (can you say polar vortex x 2?) Cali doesn’t want to go on the window sill anymore. Which means she hops down about 30 seconds after we put her up there and hides under the couch, and then lots of pacing and whining and barking from Stew happens, and it is super annoying. So now you’re all caught up.

Gmail - pet politics.

Gmail - this cat feels the same way you do about mail

Gmail - a flaw in the planScreen Shot 2014-01-28 at 5.15.44 PM


So, that’s my week so far.


One thought on “A day in the work-at-home life…

  1. Oh goodness! So much pet drama in your house, but how entertaining that you get to watch it unfold all day. Like your own personal soap opera 🙂

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